B&B Tuesday Update 5/18/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/18/04

By Susann
Pictures by Boo

Massimo is telling Jackie the good news that Brooke and Dominick are getting married next week, at the Marone mansion, and that they have to meet with the wedding planner. Jackie, who is ecstatic, asks Massimo "When did this happen, darling??" And Massimo replies "Last night, when you were gone." Jackie says that's wonderful news, and that she will be there to speak with the wedding planner just as soon as she gets back.

Massimo gives her an incredulous look and says "You're leaving??" She tells him it's a really quick meeting, which she has to attend, gives him a peck on the cheek, tells him she loves him and rushes out the door to meet Deacon. Massimo, who knows something's rotten in Denmark, is left standing in the living room alone.

Ridge and Samantha are having morning coffee, and Samantha has just told him that Caitlin Ramirez is her daughter. Ridge says that's mind-blowing. Samantha says no one was more blown away than Caitlin who thought her mother was dead. Hector, she said, couldn't have Caitlin growing up thinking she wasn't wanted so he lied to her. "Just like your mother did to you, huh?" says Ridge tactfully. (NOT!) No, Samantha says, not like that. "Guess you won't be having any grandmother/granddaughter reunions any time soon huh?" Says Ridge. "No" says Samantha, "all I care about right now is my family."

She says she knows it will take a little time for them to become a family, and Ridge adds that there's a lot more to it than just biology. Samantha says, at least we aren't starting from scratch; she'll be working at Logan Designs! Ridge asks if Thomas knows yet, and Samantha says no, that they'll let Caitlin tell him when she's ready. Samantha says "I just want to tell the whole world!" And that all her years of sadness and loneliness are over and she's on the verge of a great adventure, she's Caitlin's mother, and she has a family!! Ridge tells her there's nothing greater than family, and gives her a hug.

Nick and Brooke show up at the Marone mansion and are greeted with smooches by Massimo. Then Massimo asks them if they picked out their own wedding planner. Brooke says they heard he's the best.

Massimo tells them that he just better be because the wedding is going to be an international event! At that moment Hudson announces a gentleman at the front gate to see Nick and Brooke, and Massimo tells Hudson to show him in. As quick as you please in prances "Serge`" the wedding planner, who asks to see the "handsome groom." Nick introduces himself and Brooke, and Nick is told by "Serge`" that the proper way to pronounce his name is "Sir-Gay." He then introduces Massimo and last of all Hudson, to whom "Sir-Gay" appears to take an instant dislike, and the feeling appears to be mutual. Serge then asks where the lovely Jacqueline is. And Massimo gives a frustrated sigh.

As Deacon opens his door, Jackie storms in wearing dark glasses and a scarf (as though that would keep anyone from recognizing her). "Well if it isn't Jackie-O!" Says Deacon. (He does have a way with words.)

"What took you so long?" Demands Jackie. Deacon apologizes and says he was on the deck and didn't hear the car pull up. Jackie says "That's because I parked down the block; now give me the test results so I can get out of here!" Deacon glares at her.

Back with Samantha and Ridge, Samantha tells him that the whole thing hasn't totally sunk in yet. Ridge says to give it some time. To which Samantha replies. "You're speaking from experience." (Ya think???)

Then Ridge says his experience hasn't been as positive as hers has been. Samantha apologizes for going on about her good news while Ridge is suffering. Ridge tells her he's very happy for her. Samantha tells him she knows that Brooke and Ridge are back from Hawaii, and that there's been talk around the office about a wedding.

Massimo tells Serge` that Mrs. Marone had to "run out on business." Serge` pokes fun at Massimo by telling him how "quaint" it is of him to call Jackie "Mrs. Marone" and says "somebody get me a champagne cocktail, I think it's 1958!!" (LOL) Massimo does NOT look pleased by that remark, but Brooke and Nick stifle a snicker. Nick pulls Serge` to the side and tells him that Massimo is a bit old fashioned. Serge` says he thinks that's charming, and that the world has gotten far too casual, and that "we could all use a bit more starch in our shorts." He then leans around Brooke and Nick and yells "but I don't have to tell YOU that do I Mr. Hudson??" (I like this guy already, hahaha) He then tells Brooke she is the fashion genius who brought the garter belt back in vogue. Brooke blushes and tells him "thank you." He then asks "What can a modest matrimonial engineer like myself, do for the reigning queen of west-coast elegance?" "Ideas" says Nick, "We're just looking for Ideas." "No problem there," says Serge`, as he looks Nick up and down. "Looking at you I'm full of them, I'm practically bursting with them." After a pregnant pause, (and yes I did make a pun) Nick says, maybe we better get started. Hudson asks if they want to wait for Mrs. Marone. Massimo says "No, that he has no way of knowing how long she might be." Nick looks at his father, and picks up on an air of tension.

Deacon asks Jackie why she is so angry. Jackie demands the test results, "Is Nicky the father of Brooke's baby or not?" Deacon tells her he doesn't know because he doesn't have the results yet. He tells her he just thought maybe she'd want to hang out with him for a while. "Are you crazy? " Jackie yells. "After last night, here is the last place on the planet I want to be!" She tells him to call her when her when he gets the results and not a minute sooner. He touches her arm to stop her from leaving and she says "Don't you touch me! If you think you can call me over here to take advantage of me again..." Deacon says "Let's get one thing straight, you may not remember what happened last night, but believe me you were a very willing participant." Jackie tells him not to talk about it, that she wants to wipe the whole "filthy" incident off her brain. Deacon reminds her that they did get filthy together. Jackie points to her wedding ring and reminds him that she is a happily married woman, and that her husband was up all night worried sick about her. Deacon tells her that she was in no condition to drive. She says "Deacon, don't you get it, he's suspicious! He could have someone watching me right now, tailing my car!" Deacon tells her to calm down that he didn't mean to stress her out. She tells him that he has added to her stress, that she is in love with, and took vows with her husband. Suddenly she says "I need a drink, I need a drink and I can't have one!" Deacon tells her to take a deep breath and relax. "How can I relax when everything I care about is hanging by a thread because of you?" Deacon says he was just trying to help. She says everyone is happy, Brooke is happy, Nick is happy, there's going to be a wedding..and she should be there to help plan it. What she needs, Nick says, is to find out who the father of that baby is! Suddenly they hear someone at the door, and Deacon directs Jackie to hide upstairs.

Deacon answers the door, and his lab buddy walks in with the lab results. As Deacon tears open the envelope and looks over the results, Jackie looks at the tousled bed where she spent last night with Deacon. She walks slowly around it, remembering bits and pieces of their lovemaking, and realizing she took a willing part.

Back at the Marone mansion, Serge` paces around the room making occasional remarks. He tells them he already has a vision of Brooke descending the staircase like an angel from heaven, all in white. (Er, white?) And Nick waiting for her by the fireplace in full Naval dress. "Very Richard Gere, 1982!" he says. Massimo tells Serge` that merchant sailors don't wear uniforms. "Unless you count that ratty turtleneck sweater." Brooke adds. They continue to discuss the dress, black suit, white tie, elegant, simple.etc. Nick tells Serge` he's really not a "white tie" kind of guy.

"But" says Serge`, "if you're going to tie the knot, you must 'tie the knot'" Then Serge` hits upon an idea involving the pond outside, and peacocks. "No Peacocks!" says Hudson, who then asks if they will have the "traditional cutting of the log." Nick says no log cutting. Brooke says they would like to keep things really simple. Serge` says if simple is what they want, he will make it happen. He then does his imitation of an "I Dream of Jeannie" spell.

Samantha tells Ridge she shouldn't have brought up the wedding. She can see that he has been throwing himself into his work lately trying to keep things out of his mind. She tells him she knows what it's like. He says he's rather not talk about it, and she apologizes and says she didn't mean to upset him. He says it's not her, it's just the thought of Brooke up there at the alter pledging her life away to his brother. "I know she doesn't love him." Ridge says. "She's having his baby." Samantha says. Ridge says he respects Brooke for trying to make it work for the sake of the baby but that it doesn't make it any easier to swallow. "The truth is I'm choking on it." He says.

As Deacon looks over the paternity test, he asks his friend to come over and explain it to him, that's it's more complicated than Chinese geometry. His friend point to Brooke's DNA, the potential father's DNA, and then the answer. Deacon studies it then looks up with a strange look in his eyes. > Samantha tells Ridge he needs to get away for a while. Ridge says he doesn't want to run away. Samantha tells him he needs to recoup. He's not getting along with his family, he's exhausted. She says it's not good for the kids, the family or Forrester Creations. She says she knows he can handle anything, but only if he's at the top of his game, which he's not. She tells him that all the years she grieved the loss of her child, she didn't really lose her, and he may not lose Brooke either. He says, "Are you actually encouraging me not to give up?" "Miracles do happen" she says, "I'm living proof!"

Nick and Brooke are standing in front of the fireplace and Brooke says they are going to get married right there. Then they discuss whether or not they need to use Serge`. Brooke says she likes him, and that Serge` obviously likes Nick! Then Nick tells Brooke he has decided to take the Marone name, and that the old man is already drawing up the papers. Brooke says she imagines Massimo is thrilled. Brooke sits on Nick's lap and tells him how wonderful his family has been to her, and that she would be happy to be a Marone. As they share a tender moment, Massimo walks in and stares at the painting of Jacqueline that hangs over the fireplace.

He's very troubled. Hudson then walks in and makes fun of Serge's "parading peacock" idea. Massimo assures him he will never see that. Hudson then asks Massimo what is wrong. Massimo says that Jacqueline should have been there for the meeting. Hudson reminds him that she had a business engagement. Massimo says that nothing is more important to her than the wedding. He says something is not right, "Something is going on in her life that she doesn't want me to know about."

Jackie is shown in Deacon's bedroom again, pacing back and forth and waiting for Deacon to call her back down. Finally she can't wait any longer and storms back downstairs to find Deacon sitting in a chair starring off into space with a worried look in his eyes. Jackie asks him if he has the results. He says he does. She asks what they are. He asks her if she is calm, because he doesn't want her to freak out on him. She says "Are you telling me that I don't want to hear this?" He says "Jackie, you need an answer, look at yourself, you can't go on like this!" She says he's right; the baby is either Nicky's or Ridge's. "Tell me Deacon, who is the father of Brooke's baby??"

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