B&B Monday Update 5/17/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/17/04

By Susann
Pictures by Boo

Jackie wakes up and realizes she is naked and in bed with Deacon. She's horrified and scrambling to get out of bed and find her clothes. Deacon tells her they've made love "several times." As she fumbles into her clothes, she tells Deacon she was vulnerable and he took advantage of her. He tells her to turn around so he can see her cute little "birthmark." She's humiliated and he tells her he understands why she's upset, but that they made love, and they both enjoyed it. Jackie tries to make Deacon understand what could happen if Massimo Marone found out what has happened. What he could do to Deacon; what he could do to her!

Jackie continues to scramble around for her clothes and Deacon tells her to relax and stick around for a while, that they should be hearing about the paternity test any minute. Jackie tells him she doesn't care about any paternity test and that she wishes he had never come into her life. As she storms out of the bedroom, Deacon leans back and says softly "Call me."

Nick and Brooke are discussing where Jackie could be, apparently the entire family is concerned that she didn't come home last night. Nick says he's called all the hospitals and that no one matching his mother's description has been admitted. Brooke tells him that's good news. Nick is puzzled, doesn't know what to think about the fact that his mother is missing. Brooke assures him that they will find her.

Back at the Marone Mansion, a detective and a police officer discuss with Massimo and Oscar that although she hasn't been missing over 24 hours, they pulled some strings for Massimo and have put out an APB (all points bulletin) on Jackie. Massimo has Hudson give the police detective a picture of Jackie. At that moment a disheveled Jackie is seen approaching the front door of the Mansion. She reaches into her purse and pulls out a small perfume atomizer and sprays it on her neck and into her mouth. (Shades of Scarlet O'Hara.) As the detective tells Massimo they will put Jackie into the system as soon as possible, Jackie comes through the door and says "That won't be necessary." A shocked Massimo says "Jacqueline! Oh thank God!"  and rushes to take her in his arms. He tells her he has been going crazy with worry, as Jackie keeps telling him she's sorry. He then puts her at arms length, and says very sternly "Where've you been?"

Deacon, now up and about, hears a knock at the door and finds Amber there. She pushes her way in and explains that she has little Eric's costume ready for the school play.

She tells him he's grouchy and asks if he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. He says "something like that." Just then she sees a glass on the table and picks it up and smells it, immediately realizing it has liquor in it. She then asks him if he's fallen off the wagon. He denies it and she yells at him that there's Scotch in the glass and Deacon tells her to relax that it's not his. She demands to know whose it is.

Massimo again implores Jackie to tell him where she's been. As she stumbles a bit to come up with an answer, Massimo becomes impatient and tells her to just tell him. She says it's difficult to say in front of the police. The detective tells her that he has to write it in a report. She then says that although it's a bit embarrassing, the truth of the matter is that she had a little bit too much to drink, and she had to sleep it off. After a pause, she adds, "in
Lauren Fenmore's hotel room. Massimo says "Lauren Fenmore???" Jackie goes on to explain that Lauren was in town for a meeting, and that after the meeting they decided to catch up on old times and have a few Cosmopolitans. Then a few led to a few more, and you know how it is when "they're pouring." She said by the time it was over she could barely stand up and Lauren said "Jackie, spend the night!" and so she did. With no further need for the police, Hudson shows them to the door, as Jackie continues to tell Massimo how sorry she is, and ashamed. As she hugs Massimo and assures him it will never happen again, Massimo is shown with a look of suspicion and disbelief on his face.

Off in another room, Oscar calls Nick and tells him that his mother is home and fine. Nick tells Brooke that his mother got drunk and passed out in Lauren Fenmore's hotel room. He then asks Oscar if she's alright. He tells Nick it's nothing that a raw egg and a little Tabasco won't fix. Nick thanks Oscar for letting him know and hangs
up. Nick then tells Brooke that he knows his mother has been drinking a bit but didn't realize it had reached this point. Brook asks him if he thinks something's going on. He thinks maybe it's a case of pre-wedding jitters. He then explains to Brooke how important their wedding is to his mother. He then asks Brooke how it went when she told Ridge about the wedding. Brooke tells him it's better if they don't talk about it. But of course they DO talk about it. She tells him that Ridge didn't say much of anything that he just walked out and left her there with Stephanie. She said that Stephanie took the opportunity to berate her again.

Nick tells her to forget about it, to put it behind her because she now has a family that appreciates her.

Back at Deacon's, Deacon tells Amber that the glass is not his, it's a friend's. He tells her that after all they've been through together, why would he lie to her. She tells him his friend has expensive taste as she picks up a scarf left behind by Jackie. Amber tells Deacon that although she doesn't have custody of Eric she's not going to stand by and let him parade his high class floozy around her child. Deacon says that his friend is not a floozy, but that after last night she probably doesn't want anything to do with him anyway.

Jacqueline is then shown sipping a cup of tea in the living room as she embellishes her story to Massimo, telling him "poor Lauren" has to fly back home today. Massimo asks if Lauren does this sort of thing often. Jackie tells him she has no idea but she certainly wouldn't think so. Massimo then asks Jackie for Lauren Fenmore's cell phone number and heads for the desk. Jackie becomes flustered and asks why he would want to call her. He finds Lauren's number in Jackie's address book and places the call. When Lauren answers, he asks her if she was with his wife last night.

Lauren looks puzzled at the question, but covers for Jackie. Massimo scolds Lauren for both she and Jackie drinking so excessively. A relieved Jackie is seen in the background, as Lauren apologizes profusely and assures Massimo that it won't happen again. After hanging up, Massimo tells Jackie that she must be more careful in the future and not let this sort of thing happen. A relieved Jackie goes upstairs to take a nice hot bath.

Back in Nick's office, Brooke is sitting on Nick's lap as they go over his mother's list for the wedding. They share a tender moment anticipating their life together as a family.

In her room, Jackie places a call to Lauren to thank her for backing up her story. Lauren asks if there's anything she wants to talk about. Jackie tells her that she did something horrible but that it's all over now and she doesn't want to talk about it. Lauren tells her that if she ever wants to use her for an alibi to please give her a heads up. They hang up and Jackie starts to get ready for her bath when the phone rings again.

It's Deacon telling her how stunning she looked that morning and to get her "ass" over there because the paternity results are in. Jackie tells him she will be in touch.  Deacon tells her he isn't going to sit on these results and that she needs to get over there ASAP. She says she has no idea what to tell Massimo, how she will leave again. He tells her to make something up and get over there. She tells him she will but that this is absolutely the last time she meets with him, and hangs up. She sits at her vanity table with a distraught look on her face, and stares into the mirror. Massimo peeks in the door and sees her there, obviously worried - he knows she is keeping something from him.

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