B&B Friday Update 5/14/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/14/04

By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

Brooke and Nick are still in his office discussing their plans for the evening.  Nick invites her to a Marone family dinner, but Brooke declines citing she has to visit Ridge and tell him about the two of them getting married.  Oh yeah, great idea Brooke! 

Well, over in Eric's office, Eric, Stephanie, and Ridge continue to argue and things get very heated between Ridge and Stephanie.  He screams that she needs to stay out of his affairs once and for all.  Megan knocks on the door and informs them Ridge has a visitor.  Of course, it's Brooke.  Queen Stephanie isn't too pleased to see her. 

Well, Brooke tells Ridge that she and Nick are getting married next week. Obviously upset, but not surprised, Ridge storms off and Eric follows.  Left alone, Stephanie lets Brooke have it.  She wonders why she couldn't have called or sent a message or have told Ridge in some other way.  She knows Brooke just came over so she could "shake her little ass" and get Ridge to feel sorry for her.  Brooke warns that she will always be apart of the Forrester family and wonders if Stephanie is going to try and erase the history books.  Stephanie thinks that is a "delicious" idea, but just like a bad penny, Brooke will always turn up.  Realizing she won't be invited to the wedding, Stephanie pours a drink and toasts to Brooke and Nick's marriage and the baby.  She then shouts that she is free of Brooke forever.  Brooke cries...as we flash over to the related storyline involving Deacon and Jackie.

Jackie is hitting the bottle yet again and she's drinking it out of those huge plastic cups at Deacon's house. 

Deacon managed to get Brooke's records from Dr. Paxson's old office by claiming he was from her new doctor, Dr. Dennis Sobel (he even had a hackneyed accent to go with it).  Anyway, Jackie got the hair, Deacon got the old test, and with the help of his friend Danny (who works at a DNA testing facility), they will know if Nick is really the father of the baby.  Danny picks up the stuff and Jackie knocks back another drink.  She realizes she has to get home for the Marone dinner but can't even stand up straight. 

Deacon gets her up to bed so she can rest, but then kisses her (and her blouse conveniently popped open).  The two kiss passionately. 

Meanwhile, Oscar and Massimo discuss the dinner and wonder where Jackie is.  He even calls Forrester looking for her, but Eric says he hasn't seen her.  Uh-oh! 

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