B&B Thursday Update 5/13/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/13/04

By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

Today was a mostly boring show.

Eric, Ridge, and Stephanie met in Eric’s office to discuss Thorne’s success. Steffers had the wonderful idea to call up Thorne and Darla and meet over tat Café Russe to toast with some champagne. Yum!

Ridge being the stick in the mud he is, had to bring up Brooke and how Stephanie is really celebrating about getting her out of the family. Stephanie admits she is pleased about that, but this is about Thorne. Everyone begins arguing and Stephanie brings up all the horrible things Brooke has done over the years (to Stephanie, Eric, Ridge, Thorne, and the company) and how she (Stephanie) was only protecting Eric and Ridge.

Stephanie also points out that Brooke is an adult (she always has been one) and can make her own descisions. No one forced her to do anything. And so what if she doesn’t love Nick, she’s no longer their problem (as Stephanie said it). Stephanie goes on to ask whether or not the two gentleman love her, because if they did they would realize why she did the things she did. They would also not begrudge her the victory over Brooke. Yawn.

Brooke and Nick discuss wedding plans in his office. He wants a big operation while she wants to elope (didnít she elope with Ridge?). They compromise on a small wedding at the Marone mansion (yeah right). Brooke is sure she doesnít want Ridge or Stephanie there.

She explains to Nick how the matriarch duped her, but Nick doesnít see it as all bad. After all, she did get him out of the deal and a new family that is supportive, not cunning and vindictive. The two hug. Double yawn.

More importantly, Caitlin is told about her mother, Sam. The whole process takes a while, but after some confusion, anger, and sadness, the whole truth and mother and daughter embrace. Ahh.

Dramatic, but still a little boring.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that Priscilla was on a plane on Wednesday’s show. She called Sam and left a message on her voice mail telling her she loved her and hoped she could forgive her. A woman and her daughter (conveniently named Samantha) sat down across the aisle from her.

Poor Priscilla held up a picture of Sam (it was really Sydney Penny) from when she was a little girl and cried. Still kinda boring.

Have a good weekend!

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