B&B Wednesday Update 5/12/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/12/04

By Susann
Pictures by Boo

A press conference is about to begin at Forrester Creations to announce Thorne's new position as President. Stephanie walks around the room thanking everyone for coming, ending up with Thorne, telling him "This is your big day!" Thorne tells Darla he's got a million butterflies (he's nervous) and Darla tells him no one would know it, calling him "Mr. Calm, Cool and Collected," and giving him a big smooch. Sally strolls up and announces that she thinks "Mr. President" is the right name for him. Stephanie agrees, and Sally congratulates Thorne and kisses his cheek. (Sally's new dye job is absolutely fluorescent!)

Eric then goes to the microphone and announces it's time to get started. He thanks everyone for being there and says it's a very special moment for him for many reasons, not the least of which is what it says about his son. He talks about all the years Thorne has spent making the company what it is today. He then, with "a father's love and pride," introduces Thorne as the new President of Forrester Creations. The room breaks out with applause and Thorne walks to the microphone as a beaming Stephanie is shown at the side.

We then cut to Ridge in his office, as he tugs and smoothes one of his new creations onto a beautiful model, who purrs "I think I'm in love." Ridge replies "With the dress?" She says, "No, with the designer." Another beautiful model then says, "Get in line sweetie; I've got first dibs on him!" (Excuse me while I gag.) Ridge is in his full
suave and debonair mode as he tells them to slow down because only a few people even know he's back. Megan then comes in and announces that the press conference is about to begin, to which Ridge replies "I'm in the middle of something here Megan, ok?" She asks him if he's going, and he says that it's Thorne's time to shine, and he doesn't want to step in his spotlight. Megan tells him she thinks he should be in there even if he just stands in the back, because it would mean a lot to Thorne and his Father. He tells her he can't go anywhere until he gets these two designs right. He then starts pawing the models again, steps back to look, and says that he guesses he can't improve on perfection! All the ladies giggle. (Sorry but I have to gag again.)

We then cut to LA International Airport, where Priscilla is sitting in a plane, waiting for takeoff, looking at a picture of Samantha as a little girl. She says (talking to the picture), "You have your family now Samantha, a family I deprived you of so many years ago." She then says she never meant to hurt her, but knows that's exactly what she did.

We then see tearful Samantha and a puzzled Caitlin hugging in Hector's living room, as Hector looks on smiling. Caitlin can see that Samantha is crying and asks if everything is alright. Hector walks over and tells her everything is fine, "better than fine." Samantha then tells her that when she saw her it just all came rushing back, quickly adding that she meant what Caitlin had told her about how it was hard to celebrate her birthday because her Mother had died giving birth to her. Samantha and Hector then tell Caitlin that there's a lot she just doesn't understand, and that they have to explain.

Caitlin asks "About what?" Hector then tells her that the most wonderful thing has happened, the best birthday present he could possibly give her. Caitlin looks at him more confused than ever.

We return then to the press conference, where the audience is still applauding as Thorne and Eric stand at the podium. Sally then whispers to Stephanie that Thorne isn't going to have to contend with living in Ridges shadow any longer now that he (Thorne) is front and center. She then notices that Ridge isn't at the press conference, and speculates it's because he isn't in the spotlight, and that he figured "why bother." Stephanie looks a bit perturbed that Sally would say such a thing, and rolls her eyes.

Thorne and Eric shake hands at the podium and talk about the amazing things they will do together. Eric then steps away from the podium and Thorne begins speaking to the reporters about his plans for Forrester, such as increasing production, reducing cost overruns, exploring new technologies, etc. He says he's a "nuts and bolts" kind of guy. A reporter asks if Forrester will continue to be a "major player" just as Ridge walks into the back of the room to hear it. Thorne announces that Forrester will always be first to break new ground in the fashion industry. Another reporter states that they hear that from all the design houses. To which Thorne asks "But do
they have the track record to back it up, because Forrester does." Thorne then introduces his fiancée Darla to a round of applause.

Ridge is shown in the back of the room, with a strained smile on his face.

Then back to the airplane as Priscilla watches a mother and her young daughter board the plane and sit across from her. The mother speaks to her daughter, calling her "Samantha."

Priscilla tells her wistfully that she has a daughter named Samantha as well, but that she's all grown up with a daughter of her own.

Samantha is shown in Hector's living room again, with Caitlin asking him what is going on. Hector tells her it's about her birthday, and the surprise he's been telling her about, but that there is so much more.  Caitlin says she doesn't need anything.

Hector says she does need something, and it's something he wished he hadn't kept from her for so many years. She again asks what's going on, and he says he has something to tell her about something that was taken from her many years ago. She continues to look quizzical as he tells her he's talking about her Mother.

Priscilla makes a cell phone call from the plane to Samantha, and gets her answering machine. She leaves a message telling Samantha once again how sorry she is, and that she hopes she finds the happiness she's looking for with her daughter and Hector. And that she hopes that she and Caitlin have the honest relationship that Pricilla wasn't able to have with her. Choking up as she speaks, she then tells Samantha that in spite of what she may think, she does love her. She then hangs up in tears.

Caitlin tells Hector that she doesn't want to talk about her Mother, and Hector tells her that they have to talk about it. Hector explains to a crying Caitlin that she has had to live her whole life without what she deserves most, a loving and caring Mother. Caitlin tells him that it's not his fault, that she knows how much he loved her Mother. Hector tells her "I still do." Caitlin then tells him how she thinks about how different it could have been if her Mother hadn't died, but that she did, and she's never coming back. She then runs over to a chair in tears.

Back at the press conference, Thorne continues to speak to the crowd about why Forrester has been so successful over the years, their continuing commitment to family. At that point one of the reporters notices Ridge at the back of the room and stands up announcing "Hey, it's Ridge!" All the reporters stand up, turn around and start to
take pictures of Ridge. Ridge says "Hey don't mind me, I'm just here to..." A reporter cuts him off with "Wish your brother well?" "Or upstage him with your own announcement perchance?" Ridge says (as he walks to the front of the room) that he's not there to upstage anyone, but to give his brother his full support. The reporters then start shouting out questions to Ridge about Thorne, and then one asks him if he (Ridge) will be coming back to the company too. He also says he has sources who tell him that Ridge has been holed up in his father's
office for days sketching his heart out. Ridge gets a coy look, and smile, on his face and refuses to answer the question, and says the press conference isn't about him but about his brother Thorne. The reporter refuses to accept that and keeps pushing Ridge for an answer. Eric steps up to the podium and tells them that their sources are "as usual" impeccable. He then says that he was going to save the announcement for another time, but that yes, Ridge is returning to Forrester, and that he couldn't be more thrilled about it. The press conference then turns into a celebration of Ridge's return to Forrester, as Thorne fades to the background. The reporter's ask Ridge to confirm the announcement and he says again (with a big grin on his face) that the press conference really isn't about him. One reporter says that he's sure Thorne doesn't mind sharing the spotlight. Eric says "Of course he doesn't!" and pushes Thorne aside to hug Ridge.

Thorne moves to the side and has an obvious look of disappointment on his face as the crowd applauds the father and son reunion. The reporters continue to pepper Ridge with questions, and one female reporter flirts openly with him. He of course, flirts back. Stephanie, Darla and Sally look on with dismay as the press conference turns completely into Ridge's show.

Ridge leans over the podium and makes himself at home as the swaggering star of the show again. As they throw question after question at him, suddenly the name of Brooke comes into the conversation, as one reporter asks if she too will be coming back even though she's now engaged to Nick Payne. They also want to know if his new sexy designs will be a tribute to Brooke. Ridge's obvious discomfort with the question causes one reporter to remark that they've "hit a nerve" with him. Ridge turns the question around and intimates that he knows a rumor about that reporter, who then gets embarrassed, and ends the questioning in laughter. Ridge then announces that he and his Father are back, as a team. They hug again, and raise their clenched hands in victory as the audience applauds. Darla walks over to Thorne who is watching from the side as his press conference turns into the Ridge and Eric show. She quietly consoles him and the audience continues to celebrate Ridge's return.

Hector walks over and kneels down beside Caitlin as she cries, and tells her he's done something terrible, and that he's not who she thinks he is. She looks completely confused as he tells her that he's lied to her for years. He tells her that he was only trying to protect her but realizes now that he didn't. He says he allowed himself to be manipulated, but most of all he lost faith. Caitlin asks what he lost faith in and he says "Samantha."

He turns to look at Samantha as Caitlin says, "But that's crazy, you don't even know Samantha!" Hector says "But I did, years ago, and I loved her with all of my heart. But then something happened and someone came in between us and it changed everything. Caitlin asks if the person who came between the two of them was her own mother. Hector says "No honey." Then Caitlin says, "Then it must have happened before you met Mom, right? Dad, what's going on? What are you trying to tell me?" "Caity," Hector says, "your Mother isn't dead, she's alive.  She's alive, honey." "What?? No, that's not possible!" Caitlin says, and walks across the room with a stricken look on her face, arms folded across her chest. Samantha moves slowly across the room to Caitlin, and looks deeply into her eyes.

Suddenly Caitlin realizes what they've been trying to tell her, and says "Mom?, Mama?"  Samantha says "That's right, Caitlin, I'm your Mother."

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