B&B Wednesday Update 5/12/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/12/04

By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

Hey guys, quick update today.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge examines two dresses on two models in Eric’s office who are being very catty with him. They get into a pseudo fight about who is the real woman for Ridge. Lord, he’s old enough to be their dad! Anyway, Megan pops in and suggests that Ridge head down to the press conference for Thorne. Ridge thinks he should stay away to give Thorne his time in the spotlight, but Megan feels like Thorne would want him to be there. When Ridge realizes his dresses are perfect he heads downstairs.

Downstairs in the press room, it’s time for the big press conference to announce Thorne’s rise to the presidency of the company. Stephanie, Eric, Sally, and Darla are there. Darla notes Ridge’s absence and figures that he stayed away because he wouldn’t be the star of the show. Thorne is introduced by Eric as the president and gets applause. Thorne fields a few questions (including a few from a very hackneyed character named “Jarrett”). He then introduces his fiancée, Darla, who is looking very stunning tonight. You know I miss Macy, but it’s good to see Thorne with someone who is actually really in love with him (not like last time Macy died and he was with Brooke). It also gives both of them storyline potential.

Later, Ridge shows up and all the reporters notice. They wonder if he is back at Forrester Creations and the funny Jarrett has sources that report that Ridge has been locked in Ericís office for days trying to finish a collection. Ridge neither confirms nor denies the report. Eric steps up and admits they were going to do this later, but confirms that Ridge is back on the design team at Forrester. Eric hugs Ridge who gets a standing ovation and cheers from the audience of reporters. What?! Why do they really care where he works? I mean, yeah its cool and everything, but what was that about?

Anyway, Thorne doesnít seem pleased that Ridge showed him up in front of the reporters and both Darla and Sally notice it too. Darla hugs Thorne who tries to keep smiling for the reporters. I have to say that normally Ridge is a real ass and would milk something like this, but several times during the questioning he tried to get the reporters back to Thorne and didnít want the conference to be about him. Of course I donít know why Eric hugged Ridge, but didnít hug Thorne. Anyway, I see wonderful storylines brewing, especially when Thorne vetoes a decision Ridge wants to make about the direction of the company.

Over at the Ramirez house, Caitlin finally realizes that Sam is her mom. Okay, I really really didn’t do this scene justice, but basically, it was spread over like 4 scenes. Caitlin got upset when Hector started talking about her mom over and over again and then she was told that her mother wasn’t dead. Then, slowly, she figured out it was Sam. The two of them look very similar. Kudos to the casting crew. Anyway, it was a very touching scene, except at the end they played the same music that was played when Brooke and Deacon boinked that one time in her office (and both of them climaxed!). I have to say I kept being reminded of that during this otherwise dramatic mother/daughter scene. They should just retire that music unless it is used in another sex scene. Otherwise, I’m just gonna think “Sex!”

Have a good evening!


Created by: William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell
Directed by: Michael Stich

Written by: Bradley Bell, Rex M.
Best Executive Story Consultant: Meg Bennett
Story Consultant: Michael Minnis

Thomas Forrester: Drew Tyler Bell
Sally Spectra: Darlene Conley
Jacqueline Payne Marone: Lesley-Anne Down
Caitlin Ramirez: Kayla Ewell
Bridget Forrester: Emily Harrison
Stephanie Forrester: Susan Flannery
Ambrosia Moore: Adrienne Frantz
Oscar Marone: Brian Gaskill
Thorne Forrester: Winsor Harmon
Darla Einstein: Schae Harrison
Deacon Sharpe: Sean Kanan
Hector Ramirez: Lorenzo Lamas
Brooke Logan: Katherine Kelly Lang
Hudson: Joseph Marcell
Massimo Marone: Joseph Mascolo
Eric Forrester: John McCook
Clarke Garrison: Daniel McVicar
Ridge Forrester: Ronn Moss
Samantha Kelly: Sydney Penny
Dominick Payne: Jack Wagner
Priscilla Kelly: Linda Gray
Jimmy Ramirez: Chris Warren, Jr.
Megan Conley: Maeve Quinlan
Jarrett: Andrew Collins Albry:
Stephanie Paul Sonya: Linda Cevallos
Dane: Rueben Grundy
Young Mother: Rachelle Pettinato
Daughter: Allie Rieder
Danny: Joshua Gordon
Model #1: Tanisha Harper
Model #2: Natasha Alam
Carl: Neblis Francois
Announcer: Jennifer Martin

Producer: Cynthia J. Popp
Associate Producer: Erin E. Stewart
Senior Producer: Ron Weaver
Supervising Producer: Rhonda Friedman
Executive Producer: Bradley Bell

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