B&B Monday Update 5/10/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/10/04

By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

So hey everyone, what the hell happened on B&B today?

Actually there was some development and neither Brooke nor Ridge was on!!! Wow!

Up in the Marone penthouse, Nick scolds Mass for his interference before he and Brooke went to Hawaii, but doesn’t seem all that mad. He does reiterate that Mass is a good dad so he doesn’t need to try so hard. Mass admits it is good to hear someone say that because Ridge just gave back his Marone pinky ring (wow, Ridge is getting rid of all his jewelry).

Nick then goes on and on about how much of a pain he (Nick) is and how he doesn’t want to be that way anymore. However, he was actually saying he doesn’t want to be a “Payne” anymore. He wants to change his name to Marone! Mass is of course overjoyed that Nick wants to carry on the family name and suggests the baby’s name be Dominick Marone Jr. Ugh!!! No, Jrs!! I don’t mind if he is a Marone (or a Logan or a Forrester) just give him a unique name so we know who we’re talking about. Nick isn’t so sure and wants to run it by Brooke.

Later, after Mass leaves, Nick sings the first stanza to “Row, Row, Row your Boat.” Lord EVERYTHING has to be a water reference doesn’t it? He does sub in the following for the last two lines: “When you meet your old man, I hope you don't scream.” That was kinda funny.

Over at the Forrester mansion, Sam lets Priscilla have it. Stephanie wants to excuse herself (I would too), but Sam wants her to stay. Priscilla attempts to explain her mistakes from before, but Sam doesn’t want to hear it.

She feels that Priscilla only lied to her to protect her image and reputation, not to help Sam at all. Sam vows that she is starting a new life with her new family and warns Pris to stay away from her and her family (even though Priscilla offered to help smooth the transition). Sam storms out.

Priscilla tries to tell herself that Sam is just being emotional, but Stephanie isnít so sure Sam will ever forgive her.

Hectorís in his fire gear (is he leaving for work or did he stop off on the way home from the Forrester mansion?) and stops in to check on Caitlin. She wakes up and reveals the special connection she feels with Sam, her boss at work. Recall that she doesnít know Sam is her mother. Apparently tomorrow is her birthday (wait that means Caitlin was working on a Saturday because we know her birthday is Motherís Day this year, which is always a Sunday. Wow thatís brutal!) He understands what she means and promises she will have the most wonderful birthday this year.

Later, Hector calls Sam and says they will all celebrate Caitlinís birthday tomorrow.

Deacon and a tipsy Jackie (she’s really been hitting the bottle lately) try to figure out how to do another paternity test without anyone knowing. Jackie doesn’t see the point, but Deacon wonders what would happen if the child ever went to the hospital and they ran a blood test on him. The truth would come out then and Nick would never forgive her.

Well, Jackie could act surprised like everyone else and still get away with it, but the point is that he would be devastated. After a little Internet research (what does Deacon have wireless Internet for his laptop?), Deacon discovers that a suboptimal, but still doable test would involve using a hair follicle rather than blood for one of the fathers. So, maybe Jackie could pluck a gray hair out of Nick’s head and they could run the test using that. However, they still would need to compare it to the baby’s. Jackie says they can’t do anything about that, because they’d have to break into Dr. Paxson’s office and steal the sample.

Deacon thinks about what they can do. He admits he is doing this because if Nick really is the father, he has a much better chance of seeing Hope. Jackie fears the worst if Nick isnít the father.

Only time (and a lot of it) will tell.

See you tomorrow!


Created by: William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell
Directed by: Cynthia J. Popp
Written by: Bradley Bell, Candace Kirby
Executive Story Consultant: Meg Bennett
Story Consultant: Michael Minnis
Producer: Cynthia J. Popp
Associate Producer: Erin E. Stewart
Senior Producer: Ron Weaver
Supervising Producer: Rhonda Friedman
Executive Producer: Bradley Bell

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