B&B Friday Update 5/7/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/7/04

By Boo
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(I missed the first half of the show because of news coverage. I did the best I could off of the transcript.)

Stephanieís office at Forrester Creations:

Stephanie and Brooke are still going at it full force. Brooke canít believe that Stephanie is acting so morally superior. Stephanie points out that at least she didnít sleep her way through an entire family. ďNo, you didn't. But you screwed them over just the same.Ē Brooke replies. She then brings up that Steph let her husband think another manís child was his own. Stephanie asks her if it is okay to cheat as long as you are honest about it. Brooke insists that she didnít Ďcheatí on Ridge. She never meant to hurt anyone. Stephanie thinks that is the problem, she never does. She does leave a very wide path of destruction where ever she goes though. Stephanie tells Brooke that she does all she does to protect the people she loves. Brooke yells at her that she doesnít know what love is. She only knows how to manipulate and control. She has Eric and Thorne wrapped around her little finger. She claims that Ridge is the only one that Steph doesnít have control over, because he is loyal to Brooke. Stephanie reminds Brooke that she is wearing Nickís ring now, and since she has slept with him too, things are over with Ridge. Brooke tells her that she has a special bond with Ridge that will never be broken. When Stephanie insists that it IS over, Brooke realizes that Stephanie would fight till her last breath to keep her and Ridge apart.

Ericís office at Forrester Creations:

Darla comes bouncing in to show Eric the latest pictures of Alexandria and finds Ridge there alone. She shows him the pictures and asks how he is coming along getting back in the swing of things around here. They talk about Thorneís new position and how great things are for Thorne now. Darla tells him that she heard that Brooke is back from Hawaii. Ridge thinks that Nick is taking advantage of her and has pretty much given up hope. Darla reminds him that Brooke is a fighter who always comes out swinging. Ridge asks if Darla really believes that Brooke will find her way back to him. Darla definitely does think that. Ridge tells her that he thinks Thorne is a lucky man to have her. She corrects him saying that she is the lucky one. She doesnít know what she would do without him. Ridge hopes she never has to find out.

After Darla leaves, Brooke comes in also looking for Eric. She talks to the back of the chair telling Eric that she confronted Stephanie. Ridge turns to face her and tells her that he is proud of her. When Brooke realizes that it is Ridge, she tells him how nice it is to see him. They talk a little bit about the argument that she just had with Stephanie and Brooke pretty much fills him in on everything. When Ridge brings up Hawaii, Brooke gets a little uncomfortable and tells him she doesnít want to talk about it.

She then notices that he doesnít have his ring on, or the chains that she has bought him. (My GAWD, what does the woman expect???? She just got engaged to his brother, then called tell him that she had slept with him!!!) Ridge explains that wearing them wasnít helping him to forget her. Brooke is really upset that he is trying to forget her and reminds him to always remember that she really loves him. (Reaching through the TV screen to bitch slap this harlot!) Ridge informs her that he used to think that their love would get them through anything, but he no longer believes that. She and everyone else will have to keep the faith now, because he just canít do it any longer. Brooke turns on the water works again and tells him that she never wanted this to end. She loves him so much. Ridge tells her that they have to wake up and realize that it is over now. She has committed herself to Nick. That means this is all over. Anything other than her life with Nick is only a dream. She lays her head on his shoulder and quietly cries.

Deaconís house:

Jackie is obviously feeling no pain and still gushing on and on about how perfect life is now. Even though she swears that she is celebrating, Deacon knows she is just drowning her guilt. He tells her that either she is going to come clean about all of this, or he will. He tells her that he wonít tell about the paternity test, but something has to be done. He can see that the guilt is eating away at her.

She claims that she likes living a little on the edge. He wonders what part of the edge she enjoys, not being able to look at herself in the mirror, or turning into a drunk. He has been down that road, and he knows she is only heading for hell. Jackie doesnít understand why he cares what she does with her life. He tells her that he does care about her and tries desperately to get her to see that her life, and other lives are at stake here. They have to make this right. Jackie wants to know how they can make it right. If she tells everyone what she knows, Massimo will divorce her and everyone including Nick will disown her. When Deacon suggests that no one has to know she knew about it, she drunkenly suggests that someone send Nicky an anonymous note, or maybe they should hire a plane to write it in the sky.

Deacon tries to reason with the drunk, and explains that they could conduct their own paternity test. Jackie doesnít think that is possible, but Deacon tells her to leave it all up to him. If Nick is really the father, then all is okay and nothing ever needs to be said. If Ridge is the father, they will jump off that bridge when they get to it. Jackie thinks that will mean jail time for her. Deacon thinks that jail is better for her than the hell she is living in now. He tells her that they have to do this, before this secret destroys the both of them.

Eric & Stephanieís front room:

Samantha comes in looking for Priscilla. When she finds Stephanie, she tells her that she is lucky she isnít Priscilla. Stephanie tells her that Hector and Priscilla had a pretty good roe here a little while ago.

Sam doesnít really want to see her mother right now. She thought Eric and Stephanie were going to be out to dinner, so she came here to have a bit of peace so she could think. Stephanie explains that she cancelled her dinner plans because she thought Sam might want to talk. Stephanie agrees that what Priscilla did was really bad, but she does try to soften Samís feelings towards her mother. She tells her that Priscilla does understand now that what she did was wrong on so many levels, but she does want to apologize to Samantha. Samantha is not even close to being able to forgive her mother yet. She thinks the whole thing is totally disgusting.

Steph asks if she has seen Caitlin yet. Samantha tells her that Hector thought it would be better for her to see her tomorrow. She worries what Caitlin will think of her now. Stephanie is sure that once she sees Caitlin and explains everything to her, she will understand and all will be okay. Samantha still has a hard time believing that her own mother could have done this to her, she tells Stephanie that she wants nothing at all to do with her mother ever again. As she says this, Priscilla comes in the front door and overhears.

Priscilla tells Sam that she knows that she didnít mean that. She is very confident that the two of them will talk this all out and Sam will forgive her.

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