B&B Thursday Update 5/6/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/6/04

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Stephanie’s office at Forrester Creations:

Brooke informs Stephanie that she will no longer allow her to manipulate her. She knows now what Stephanie has been up to. Stephanie encouraged her to accept Nick’s proposal. Well of course she did, Steph tells her. She is carrying another man’s child. Brooke accuses her of being happy about that fact. Stephanie tells her that she is very happy about it.

She still tries to keep up the pretense that she cares about Brooke by telling her that she does respect that she is now making mature decisions. Brooke isn’t falling for it so easily this time and challenges Steph to tell her that she would have been giving her the same advice, to raise the child with its natural parents, if the baby had been Ridge’s.

Brooke thinks there is no way in hell Stephanie would have. She also challenges Steph to look her in the eye and tell her again that she loves her. Stephanie points out that even if she did do that, Brooke would not believe her because she enjoys being the damsel in distress so that Ridge will come running to her. When Brooke tells Stephanie that she talked to Ridge earlier and that Ridge will always be a part of her life, Stephanie’s claws start to come out. She starts to drop the act and show a bit of how she really feels. She wants to know what went on over in Hawaii. Stephanie figures out that Brooke slept with Nick and that she called and told Ridge all about it. That is why Ridge was so angry when she talked to him earlier.

She guesses that Ridge now wants nothing more to do with Brooke. Brooke realizes that Stephanie hates her. Steph confirms that her feelings for Brooke go much deeper than hate. She reminds Brooke that she made all her own decisions, and now Ridge will want nothing more to do with her. Stephanie is very happy about all of this. Brooke is very hurt.

Eric’s office at Forrester Creations:

Eric and Ridge talk about all that has gone on in the last few hours. Ridge tells Eric that Brooke called to say she was on her way home. Eric tells Ridge that he stopped by Brooke’s to make sure she was okay. He also told her all about what Stephanie has been up to lately. Ridge knows that Brooke probably took it pretty hard.

Eric tells him that he thinks Brooke went after Stephanie because of the way she tore out of the house after he convinced her that Stephanie really still hates her. Ridge tells Eric about his visit with Stephanie earlier. He tells him that he literally threw her out of the office. Ridge gets himself all worked up again at how mad he is at Stephanie for doing what she has done. In Stephanie’s defense, Eric tells Ridge that he thinks that this time is different. He thinks that Stephanie even convinced herself that she was trying to help Brooke make the ‘prudent’ decision.

Ridge thinks that now that Brooke knows about all of this, Stephanie isn’t going to know what hit her. Eric tells Ridge that Brooke may not walk away the victor here. Stephanie has worked a long time to get Brooke in the position that she is in, she won’t jeopardize that easily, she may continue to try to lie. Ridge doesn’t think that Brooke will fall for it this time. Eric tells him that if Brooke pushes too hard, Stephanie just may blow up. This could get very ugly tonight. They decide that Brooke needs to stay away from Stephanie completely. Eric decides to go and find Stephanie and make sure of that.

Nick’s office at Marone Industries:

Nick is trying to get some work done when his mother bounces in wanting to hear all the sordid details of his trip to Hawaii. Nick tries to keep his private life private, but Jackie will not let up. She is dieing to know if they all had a good time or not.

Nick continues to evade her inquiries until she begs for just one question. She wonders if Brooke was able to relax. Nick tells her that they were able to take a step forward. When Jackie guesses that they made love, Nick is a bit embarrassed having this kind of discussion with his mother. Jackie is happy as a humming bird to hear this. She wants to have a drink with her son to celebrate. Nick reminds her that he has a lot of work to catch up on. Jackie finally agrees to take off, but she wants to tell him how happy she is for him before she goes. She grabs a bottle of booze from the bar on her way out.

Deacon’s house:

Jackie comes bouncing in with her bottle and grabs a glass. She gets a root beer for Deacon and tells them they have something to celebrate. Nicky and Brooke are back from Hawaii and everything is turning out exactly like she wanted it too. Brooke will be her daughter-in-law soon and Nick will have the family that he has always needed. Deacon can think of one person that isn’t happy about this at all. Deacon tries to explain to Jackie that Brooke and Ridge are never over. Jackie gets very upset that Deacon is being a ‘buzz kill’ right now. Deacon just wants Jackie to stay with a bit of reality.

The reality is that some how, Brooke and Ridge always end up back together. Jackie thinks that Ridge has to move on with his life now. Brooke is engaged to Nick now. Deacon tells her that has never stopped Ridge before. Jackie thinks that Brooke won’t go back to Ridge now, she is dedicated to raising their child together. Now that they have consummated the relationship, that means something to Brooke. Deacon hopes for Jackie’s sake that this is true, but he is not totally convinced like Jackie seems to be.

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