B&B Wednesday Update 5/5/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/5/04

By Boo
Pictures by Boo

Ericís office:

Ridge is busy sketching when Stephanie comes in looking for Eric. Ridge is not too happy to see his mother right now. He tells her that he doesnít want to talk to her and that she should leave. Stephanie understands that Ridge is upset, but it isnít her fault that Brooke accepted Nickís proposal and went to Hawaii with him. Ridge canít believe his mother is acting like this.

Brooke believed that Stephanie loves her now. Ridge is furious with her. The more she tries to reason with him and justify what she has done, the more furious Ridge becomes. Stephanie canít believe that he canít see that Brooke is a grown woman that has moved on with her life. When she comments that Brooke has probably already slept with Nick again, Ridge has had enough. He physically throws Stephanie out of the office.

Brookeís house:

Eric looks at seashells that Hope brought back for him. He gives her a kiss as Brooke joins them and tells Hope to go to the kitchen and get the snack that Marta has for her, then she will come and put her to bed. Hope runs off to get her snack. Eric is surprised that Brooke isnít with her fiance instead of spending the night here. Brooke guesses that Eric heard about the party and all that went on there. Eric tells her that he came to see her because he is concerned about her.

He tries to explain to her that Stephanie manipulated her into accepting Nickís proposal. Brooke is so convinced that Stephanie has been truthful with her and really loves her now that she doesnít hear what Eric is telling her. She insists that she made up her own mind because Stephanie was really helping her to see what the right decision was. Eric finally gets through to Brooke and explains that Stephanie was lying to her all this time.

She was just manipulating Brooke to get exactly what she has always wanted, and that was to get Brooke out of their lives. Brooke is very hurt when she realizes that Eric is telling the truth. She asks Eric to ask Marta to put Hope to bed and rushes out.

Forrester guest house:

Samantha is so happy to know that her daughter is still alive. She just canít believe it is real. Hector tells her that it is real. Their daughter is a beautiful young woman. Samantha wants to rush off to meet her right away. Hector tells her that they may want to take this a bit slower because it might be hard on their daughter. Samantha wants to hear all there is to tell about her.

When Hector mentions Caitlinís name, Samantha realizes that she already knows her daughter. That explains everything, why the two of them bonded so easily. When she remembers that Caitlin has been having a bad week because it reminds them all that her mother is dead, she asks Hector why he told her that. Hector explains that he told Caitlin that because he thought it was better that Caitlin believe that her mother had died than to think that her mother had not wanted her. They both talk about all that they have missed out on, and they admit to each other that they never stopped loving each other.

Neither of them ever found anyone else they wanted to be with. They embrace and hold each other.

Forrester Creations:

Brooke arrives to confront Stephanie. She pauses in the hall, not sure of how she is going to handle this. She remembers what Eric told her, and all the times Stephanie told her how much she respects her and loves her now. Stephanie sees her in the hall and ushers her into her office. She is so happy to see Brooke and offers to help with the wedding plans. Brooke listens to her babble on for a bit, and then blows up at her.

She tells Stephanie to Ďcut the crapí. Eric has told her everything. She yells at her: ďYou played your best hand to get me out of the family, just like you've always wanted. And you succeeded -- or have you? ď

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