B&B Tuesday Update 5/3/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/3/04

By Boo
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Marone Jet:

Nick and Brooke are on their way back to L.A. He tells her that he going to change his name from Payne to Marone so that the baby and he will carry Massimo’s name. He thinks that Mass will like that. Brooke knows that Massimo, Jackie, Stephanie and Rick are all on their side. Nick thinks it might get a little crowded in their corner with all of those people. He admits to her that he isn’t really looking forward to going home, he has enjoyed his time alone with her.

Brooke then sneaks off to call and torture Ridge again. She tells him that they are on their way home. Ridge is happy to hear they are coming home and that he just can’t stand the thought of them being together. He tells her not to make love to Nick, just to come home and they will talk about it. Brooke reminds him that she accepted Nick’s proposal.

Ridge still thinks they can work it out until Brooke informs him that it is too late, she has already slept with Nick. She apologizes and hangs up.

Ridge’s house:

After Brooke hangs up, Ridge is in total despair. He throws the phone across the room smashing it on the front door, and then paces around the front room crying.

Hector’s house:

Jimmy finds Caitlin still awake, he offers to sit and talk with her about her mother. She really doesn’t want to talk about her mom anymore. Jimmy thinks they should talk about her new job then. He asks what her boss is like. Caitlin tells him how her and Samantha have bonded and what a wonderful person she is. Jimmy notices that they are on a first name basis. Caitlin tells him that they have even talked about dating. Jimmy isn’t sure that Hector would appreciate that.

Caitlin tells him that Samantha only had one boyfriend when she was Caitlin’s age and that he must have been pretty special because Samantha never fell in love again.

Eric and Stephanie’s front room:

Priscilla tries to make Stephanie understand why she did all that she did. She was only trying to protect her daughter from a hard life. Having a baby so soon in life, and with ‘THAT boy’. Stephanie tells her that Samantha really loved ‘that boy’.

Priscilla knows that now, and she knows that Samantha will never forgive her after Hector tells her everything. Stephanie reminds her that she has had years to tell Samantha the truth. It was her choice not too, and now she is going to have to deal with the consequences of that decision. Priscilla explains that she only told Sam that the baby had died because she wanted Sam to forget. She never gave her any of Hector’s letters or told her that he had called. She wanted Sam to get on with her life. Stephanie reminds her that the ‘baby’ has a name. Priscilla knows her granddaughter’s name is Caitlin. They both agree that Caitlin is a very nice young lady and that Hector did a good job raising her.

Stephanie tells Priscilla that she may have been able to forget that she was a grandmother, but Sam never forgot that she had a baby. The loss of her baby has haunted her all her life. Stephanie knows that Sam is successful, but she doesn’t believe that Sam has ever been happy in her adult life. Priscilla now sees the error of her ways. She robbed all of them of years of happiness. She doesn’t think Samantha will ever forgive her. Stephanie thinks that may be true, she might not. Priscilla doesn’t think she can forgive herself for all that she did to them. Samantha is stuck in a past that is filled with regret and she robbed Caitlin of a mother. Stephanie tells her that all they can do now is hope that they all find their way back to each other.

Forrester guest house:

Hector can’t imagine what it has been like all these years for Samantha. Sam tells him it was horrible. She moved to New York where she had no friends.

She was all alone and had so many decisions to make. Hector tells her that she had her mother there with her. Sam knows that, but she needed him. Where was he when she needed him? Hector tells her that he thought she never wanted to see him again. She tells him he is right. She doesn’t want to ever see him again. Samantha still thinks her daughter is dead, but Hector finally gets her to listen to him. He tells her the whole story. At first she doesn’t believe any of it, but slowly she starts to listen and put the pieces together. Hector explains about the conditions of the custody papers and how her mother never gave her any of the many letters that he sent her. He tells her that he had no idea that she had been told that her baby died and that is why he lashed out at her the other day when he saw her.

He couldn’t believe that she had turned into such a monster that she wouldn’t even ask if their child was okay. Now he knows the whole truth and he knows she is still the girl he fell in love with. He tells her that now that all of this is out in the open, she will never be alone again.

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