B&B Monday Update 5/3/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/3/04

By Boo
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Nick and Brooke are in a mellow mood after making love. Nick jokes around with her for a little bit, but Brooke remains melancholy. She explains to Nick that she thought she would never make love to any other man than Ridge. Nick asks her how she is feeling now; she tells him that everything is different now. Every step that she takes towards Nick is a step farther away she takes from Ridge. Nick is very understanding and tells her that he wants her to always be honest with him about everything. Nick tells her that when they made love before, it was wrong. He should not have let it happen then. But tonight was right, and it will only get better and better. He knows that there is a part of her that will always love Ridge, because they had something really special; but he thinks they are building something very special. Their son will be here soon, and things can only get better from here on out. Nick also tells Brooke that he wants Ridge to be a part of both of their lives. Ridge is his brother, and will be the uncle to their child. Brooke seems to be agreeing with all of this.

Forester Creations:

Thorne is still listening outside as Eric tells Ridge that he is still his number one son, and he would like nothing more for things to be like they were in the good olí days.

Things have changed now though. Eric tells Ridge that Forrester Creations now has a new president. Thorne takes his cue to step into the room and announce that he is the new president. Ridge is happy for his little brother and shakes his hand. The three of them discuss how wonderful it will be for them all to be working together. Eric takes off to arrange a press conference to announce the changes that have taken place. Ridge and Thorne continue to talk about their new situation.

Ridge comments that Thorneís life is now on an upswing and his own life is on a downswing. Thorne understands what Ridge is going through and asks him if he knows when Brooke and Nick will be coming home from Hawaii. Ridge canít even think about that. He tells Thorne that he gets sick to his stomach every time he thinks of them together.

Coffee Shop:

Caitlin and Samantha are still sitting on the couch chatting. Caitlin asks if Sam has ever been married. Sam tells her that she hasnít. Sam admits that there was someone when she was Caitlinís age. It was love at first sight for both of them. Caitlin thinks that is so romantic and encourages Sam to tell her all about it.

Sam tells her that she met the love of her life here in L.A. before her family moved to New York. Things happened though, and they ended it. She admits that she has never fallen in love since. After all that happened today, she isnít sure she will ever want to again.

Stephanie and Ericís house:

Stephanie wants to know what this talk of Ďmurderí is.

Hector tells her that Priscilla has hurt his daughter in an unforgivable way. Priscilla tries to take of saying she needs some air, but Hector stops her cold. He is furious with her for letting his daughter suffer by not knowing she had a mother so close.

Stephanie tries to figure out what is going on, and finally it starts to sink in. ďSamantha is Caitlin's mother?Ē she asks. Priscilla tells her that it is true. She tries to explain to Hector that she was only trying to protect her daughter. Hector informs her that all the lies stop now, he intends on telling Samantha and Caitlin the whole truth. Priscilla tells him to think about that first. He is the one that told his daughter that her mother was dead. Besides, she is taking Samantha back to New York. Hector informs her that she is NOT doing this again. He will not let Priscilla steal anymore time from them than she already has.

Priscilla admits that she has done some unforgivable things and begs for just a little more time. Hector will not give her anymore time and storms out of the house.

Forester guest house:

Samantha is back home and crying on her bed. Little Annie lays beside her. She pulls out a picture of her and Hector when they were together and remembers all that happened between them. There is a knock at the door. When Samantha sees that it is Hector she tells him to go away and leave her alone. He tells her that she has to listen to him. She tells him that she doesnít understand why he keeps bringing up the past. What they had was so special, but it ended. Their anniversary of their daughters death is upon them now and she just canít take anymore of all of this. Hector grabs her and pulls her close as she cries. He tells her that he is never going to let go of her again.

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