B&B Friday Update 4/30/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/30/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

*Dear Readers:

Being that my summer break from college officially beings on Saturday, I am also taking and indefinite break from my daily updating. I know that summer will be busy for me, so I am therefore passing down the torch. I just want you to know that I’ve had a blast informing you of all of LA’s happenings, (at least in Forrester Country and Marone Land). I hope that I haven’t bitched too much about BRIDGE, or praised Macy too much. (I take that back, I could never praise Mace too much...lol). Any who, I also hope that you’ve enjoyed reading my interpretation of B&B, despite my overwhelming sarcasm. So, I now wish to leave you a few thoughts...call it advice, mixed with my own personal thoughts on how the show SHOULD be.

Bridgeies: I’ve never been a fan, but keep your fingers crossed... it will happen, eventually

Snickers...I want to see some Nick and Sam action!

Macy lovers: Start watching AMC... the show is funnier and Bobbie Eakes is AMAZING on it

Tay-Fans: I know, I miss her too, but all I can say is, look to Sammy for similar personality traits, and it looks like the Stephanie/Brooke &# 9;feud will be back in full swing, and that’s always fun

Thorne/Darla fans: if there are any of you...wait, there can’t be.

Bridget fans (and I mean Real Budge JF fans): maybe if she wins the Emmy for the third time, she’ll come back...let’s hope!

As for everyone else...well, Deacon will keep it interesting, Eric/Massimo—boring, Sally/Clarke—funny, and Amber—annoying!

Anyways, love you all my readers, and now...ON WITH THE UPDATE!

We begin today down at Forrester Fort Two with Ridge sketching his little heart out. Young Thomas comes on down to tell his pop that he heard about BRICK and to let him know how oh so sorry he is that he lost the Brookester. “I miss Brooke, and the girls miss Brooke, so we kind of know what you’re going through,” Thomas informs Ridge as he keeps on doodling. Ridge takes a quick time-out and thanks his boy for his concern with a big old bear hug. After a little more sketch time, Ridge is all done with a handful of designs. He gets right on up and starts to head on out the door; sketches in hand.

Thomas runs into him in the foyer, and upon asking his dad where he’s headed off to, Ridge comments, “I’m going home”.

Over at Forrester Creations, Thorne is all a bubbled up ordering moving men around in his office and getting it all situated.

Eric and Stephanie hear the commotion and come on in tell Thorne again how glad they are that he’s the new president of the company. After Stephanie heads on home, a cocky Thorne tells Eric that he’s always wanted this, and that he’s glad to finally be out of Ridge’s shadow.

“I’m your first born son,” he comments to Eric, “And I’m glad to finally be able to prove myself.” Eric tells Thorne that he’s just so tickled to see his boy come into his own and take his place in the family.

While Thorne is out doing God knows what about the building, Ridge comes striding into his old office, in which Eric is still standing around in. Ridge thanks his wanna-be-pop for the sketch pad, “It was just what I needed,” he says. Well, of course Eric knew that he would be right in assuming that Ridge would need a creative outlet for his anger over BRICK’S engagement. Ridge agrees, and eagerly wants to show Eric what he’s drawn, just like a little school boy.

Eric is quite impressed with his wanna-be-son’s latest doodles. “These will really put Logan Designs on the map.” Ridge doesn’t think that his latest designs are Logan though. “Something about them screams Forrester,” Ridge assesses before finally spitting it out: he wants to come back to Forrester Creations and have everything as it was in the old days. Well, lucky for Thorne, he had to come to the slightly opened door just in time to hear Ridge announce that he wants to be back in his old office, right across the hall from Eric, running the show with him. Eric is all so glad that Ridge wants to come home and tells him that nothing, NOTHING would make him happier. “My number one son is back!” he says as he gives Ridge a hug. (And yes, he really did say NUMBER ONE SON...that’s not me being a smart ass...this time).

Well, poor, poor, pitiful Thorne heard all of this, and he looks like his little feelings are just a little hurt. (Back to the dungeon office for you buddy!)

Over at Insomnia, Caitlin is all curled up on the coffee house sofa, still traumatized with her nightmares. As she sits there sipping her latte, would you believe that Samantha has escaped to the coffee house formerly owned by my Macy as well? Well she did!

Sammy sees Caitlin and pops a squat next her on the couch. Seeing that the young teeny-bopper is upset, Sammy gets Caiters to open up more about her problems. Caitlin tells Sammy about her nightmares over losing her mother. “I would give anything for just one minute with my mother,” Caitlin says as she comments that Sammy must think that she’s strange for missing someone that she’s never met. “I know what it’s like,” Sammy says as the two share a warm embrace.

Down at Forrester Fort One, Hector and Prissy Priscilla are still going at it in full swing. “Why does Sam think that our daughter is dead?” Hector yells. Priscilla attempts to pass off Sam’s comment about the kid being as her daughter’s way of coping with the loss of her child. Well, Hec ain’t buying that, no-sir-ee bob. “Either Sam is in complete denial, or she really does believe that her child is dead!” Hec declares. Pris tries to build back up Hector’s “Snotty Samantha” vision, but for some reason, he doesn’t believe it anymore. “I don’t see that Sam. Something in her eye told me that she really believes that her child is dead. Why would she think that?” Hector wants to know.

Finally Priscilla cracks and tells Hector the whole truth. “Samantha had a planned C-section, even though she didn’t know that it was planned. Before she woke up from the surgery, I took the baby and later told her that it died.” Hector can’t believe this. He is rightly pissed that first off Priscilla could have done this to her own daughter, let alone his. “Caitlin needed a mother and now you tell me that she could have had one!” Hector yells before he decides right then and there that he’s gonna go find Samantha and tell her everything. “Oh no you’re not Hector!” Priscilla screams as he makes way for the door. Just then, however, Stephers comes home and wants to know what’s going on right now. “I was almost about to commit a murder,” Hector says. (What the hell did that mean?!)

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