B&B Thursday Update 4/29/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/29/04

By Space Bug   
Pictures by Boo

(Comment from Boo......Phone day for almost everyone on the show.)

Hey gang...sorry, I missed the first couple of minutes, but let’s chat about where I picked up.

Ok, so, I tuned in right as Nick answered his cell phone; it was Jackie wondering how everything goes in paradise. Nick berates his mommy for her and Stephers and ‘the old man’, (AKA, Massimo) for teaming up against Brooke and forcing her to accept his marriage proposal. Jackie expresses to Nick that it wasn’t as he imagined at all. “Brooke was stuck between you and Ridge and we just gave her that little extra push in the right direction.” Well, Nick is still a little perturbed with how it all went down, but alas, one can not look a gift horse in the mouth, now can they? Any who, Jackie inquires about how the Brookester is doing in Hawaii by asking, “Is she any more relaxed yet?”

Nick let’s on that Brooke is loosening up, but she’s still up tight about a couple of things...well, one thing, and of course Jacksters knows exactly what that is. She correctly guesses that no whoopee has been made yet between BRICK. Of course Nicky is horrified that his mother is so interesting in his sex life and he makes it clear that nothing is going to happen until Brooke wants it to. “Well, I’ve raised a perfect gentleman,” Jackie says before she and her precious son hang up.

Well, while Nick is on the phone with Jackie, Brooke has given Ridge a ring to pretty much tell him that she’s planning on sleeping with Nick. Ridge is not a happy camper folks, as you can imagine.

“You know I despise the man,” Ridge says before making it very clear that he doesn’t want Nick anywhere near his precious Logan. Well, Brooke just doesn’t know what to do. Ridge says that he does feel for her; after all, she is engaged to Nick. Brooke cries to Ridge that she loves him and then hangs up the phone.

So thus sets the scene for the most pathetic two minutes of the Bold and the Beautiful that I’ve ever watched. Ok, Brooke walks into the bed room and she and Nick start making out...blah blah blah.

At the same time, Ridge starts sketching; what I’m assuming was Brooke’s body. Any ways, Nick’s touching of Brooke was in time with what body part Ridge was drawing. So, finally once BRICK started kissing, Ridge ripped up the drawing. But all while this was going on, this over dramatic orchestra music was playing; almost resembling flight of the bumble bee. It was really rather ridiculous. Anyways, after Ridge ripped up the sketch, he grabbed a picture of Brooke and collapsed in a heap on the floor. How pathetic.

Well, over at Hector’s house, young Caitlin has a chat with Amber the idiot. Caiters is embarrassed about having nightmares, but Amber makes it clear that she has nothing to be ashamed of and she can feel free to talk to her.

Caitlin opens up to Amber of how much she misses her mommy, even though she thinks it’s weird to miss someone that she’s never met. Amber tells her that it isn’t strange at all and promises Caitlin that she sees good things in her future. “I would trade all of those good things up for one day with my mom,” the young teeny-bopper sighs.

Down at Forrester Fort One, Hector and Sam are really going at it about ‘what a horrible person she’s become.’ Hec continuously asks Sammy what happened to her, and tells her that Priscilla has made her into a carbon copy of herself. Sammy wants to know where all of Hector’s anger is coming from. “Oh you must know! It’s only about a week away!” Now Sam is confused.

As Priscilla listens from the up the stairs, Hector tells Sammy that it’s almost their daughter’s birthday. “The day our daughter was born was the worst day of my life,” Sammy cries. Hec wonders how she can be so cold.

Sammy wants to know why he’s being so cruel to her. “It’s like our daughter doesn’t even matter to you!” Hector shouts. “Our daughter is dead!” Sammy fires back. Hector can’t believe that Sammy is saying this. “Well, she may be dead to you!” he yells. Now Prissy Priscilla has come down to tell Hector to leave Sam alone. Sammy cries out “Why are you doing this?” to Hector as she runs out the door. Something seems to click in Hector’s head and he attempts to go after Sam, but Priscilla stops him. “Why does she think that our daughter is dead?” Hector wants to know. “I’ll tell you everything,” Priscilla sighs.

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