B&B Wednesday Update 4/28/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/28/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

*Wednesday's episode got eaten on me, so here are the highlights.

Down in Hawaii, little Hope is dressed in a hula skirt and does a dance for a delighted Brooke. After the dance, Nick goes to put Hope down for a nap and hands Brooke a gift box as he leaves. After Hope is down for the nap,

Nick watches from around the corner as Brooke opens the present. In the hopes that BRICK will finally consummate their union, Nick has given the Brookester a tasteful nightie for them to have a little lovin' in, when she's ready of course.  Well, this leaves Brooke mighty confused as what to do; in other words, to have sex or not to have sex, that is the question.

Over at Forrester Fort Two, Ridge's humble abode, Eric has stopped on by to check up on his still number one son.  Ridge tells Eric how he's oh so flustered that everyone is supporting BRICK and not BRIDGE.  Eric reminds
his boy that no matter what, he'll always be there for him.  Before Eric shoves off though, he secretly leaves behind a sketch pad for Ridge.  I'm assuming Eric is hoping that Ridge will start to doodle again and act more
like a Forrester.

Well, Brooke is still perturbed down in Hawaii, so much so in fact that she gives Ridge a ring.  That was the phone call that he sure wanted to get: "Ridge, I don't know what to do.  Should I sleep with Nick?". or something
along those lines.  The Brookester tells Ridge that she's still not too sure if this BRICK engagement is such a well thought out plan.

Over in the confines of Forrester Fort One, Prissy Priscilla is back to check up on Sweet Sammy.  Seeing that her daughter seems oh so miserable as of late, along with her own concern that Sammy will learn the truth about

 Priscilla suggests that Sammy pack her bags and journey back to New York.

Down at Hector's house, he and Amber continue their little heart to heart about Sammy and Caitlin and the whole prospect of being mother and daughter.

Amber advises Hec to go on over to Forrester Fort one himself and confront his former love about their daughter.

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