B&B Tuesday Update 4/27/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/27/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Today we begin down at Hawaii with Hope, the Brookester and Nicker-bocker playing in the sand having a jolly old time. However, Nick seems to be, yes, hitting on Brooke and the two are flirting quite profusely. However, as she goes to rub sun lotion on Nick’s chest, Brooke makes it clear to him that she’s not ‘ready’. Nicker-bocker reminds her that they are engaged though. Brooke tries to explain her feelings, but Nick kindly cuts her off saying that “I want you to tell me how you feel about me, but I don’t want to hear about your feelings for anybody else.”

Over at Logan Designs, Sweet Sammy dries Caitlin’s tears and the two continue their heart to heart. Caitlin explains that it’s not just her; she feels that her father has been rather distant lately. “You still haven’t told him about the new internship,” Samantha suspects. When Caitlin complies, Sammy advises her little intern to go on home and talk to her dad; it will make her feel better. Caiters tells Sam how great she is and then bops on home.

Down at Hector’s house, he and Amber are still discussing this sorry situation of Samantha being Caitlin’s mother and Caitlin not knowing about. Amber advices Hec that secrets never bring people closer together; they tear them apart. Well, Hector doesn’t want his daughter to be hurt, and he’s sure that bringing Sam into her life would do just that. “Samantha abandoned her. I don’t even think that she held Caitlin,” Hec explains.

Amber doesn’t think that things are quite right with this. “Sam just doesn’t seem like that type of person.” Hector tells Amber of how he got Caitlin; Samantha sent her mother and a lawyer with a contract saying that he could have the baby if he promised never to contact Sam again. “If I did that, then I would lose custody.” “That’s terrible, Amber agrees.” Just then, Caitlin comes home wanting to have a word with Hector. After Amber skid addles on out, Caitlin tells Hec of her new internship and about how wonderful her new boss is. “I feel like I can talk to her about anything,” Caiters gushes. But Hector still suspects that something is bothering his young Caiters.

“I suppose that it’s my birthday coming up,” Caitlin says as she announces that she just wants to go on up to bed. After a little while, Hector goes on up to check on Caitlin and finds her singing a hymn about a guardian angel with her music box. After he consoles his daughter one more time, him and Jimmy have a chat about how messed up Caitlin really must be. “She hasn’t listened to that in a long time,” Jimmy comments.

Over at Forrester Fort One, Sammy comes waltzing on in to have a chat with Stephanie. As the two sit down to have tea together, Sammy tells her the sob story of her young intern and about how not only is her birthday the day her mother died, but it’s on Mother’s Day this year as well. “The weird thing is, that’s also the day that I lost my little girl.”

Sammy goes on to tell Stephers about how when she’s with Caitlin, she finds herself thinking of how her daughter would have turned out. Then Sammy talks about how during Caitlin’s sad, sad story, both of them started crying. “I just had this urge to comfort her,” Sammy says as she describes the connection that she felt with the teeny-bopper. Stephanie doesn’t quite know what to think about all of this, but tells Sammy to keep her instincts about her.

Back at Hector’s house as he and Jimmy are talking about Caitlin, they hear the girl crying out “Mom” in her sleep. Hector races up the stairs to find Caiters writhing around in her bed screaming for her mom. As he wakes her up, Caitlin sobs in his arms “Mom! Where’s Mom?!”

Mysteriously, as Sammy is standing on the Forrester terrace, she hears Caitlin’s cries and the wind starts blowing all around her, sending a chill.

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