B&B Monday Update 4/26/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/26/04

By Christie
Pictures by Boo

After getting Stephanie to finally admit that she still harbors a serious hatred for Brooke, Eric tells her that he will never leave her ever again. However, they must agree to disagree on the subject of Brooke and Ridge. Stephanie agrees.

They turn their attention to Thorne and Darla, as Thorne has asked to be named President of Forrester Creations, since Ridge is now gone. Stephanie stresses to Eric that this decision has a lot more to do with having his father's approval, rather than just becoming President of the company.

With Darla at his side, Thorne meets with Eric and Stephanie. Eric says that nobody could ever take Thorne's place at Forrester and that is why this decision has been so difficult for him.

Assuming that his father has passed him over for the presidency, he vents his feelings about always being under Ridge's shadow and how he has always felt like the "other" son.

Eric tells Thorne that this was a business decision, not a family decision and presents Thorne with the presidency of the company. Thorne and Darla are thrilled. Eric tells Darla that she has been a tremendous influence on Thorne and she will need to keep that up as he is about to face a serious challenge. Thorne tells his father that he is more than ready for the responsibility and apologizes for the comments he made regarding his brother.

Hector comes home only to find Amber waiting for him. Amber says that it is "time" to come clean with Caitlin and tell her the truth about her parentage. Hector argues with Amber, telling her that anything she eavesdropped and overheard between he and Priscilla, she misinterpreted.

In anger, he grabs Amber and tells her in no uncertain terms to stay away from him and his daughter. Then, after realizing what he has done, he laments to Amber that he has kept this secret all of his life. He realizes that she is now only the 4th person to know the truth. Amber suggests that maybe it is time to let the secret go and finally tell Caitlin the truth.

Caitlin is in Sam's office looking at a calendar, when Sam enters. Caitlin, looking depressed, tells Sam that her birthday is approaching.

Sam asks when that will be and Caitlin tells her that this year, it falls on Mother's Day, which only makes things worse for her.

Wondering what she means, Sam asks Caitlin why she is so upset about her birthday. Caitlin explains that her mother died during childbirth and that she has a hard time dealing with the guilt she feels. She and Sam bond as they sit and talk about how hard it is to lose someone very important.

Sam comforts Caitlin and tells her that her mother is always there, watching over her.

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