B&B Monday Update 4/26/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/26/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

We begin today down at Hector’s house with the handsome fireman gazing at his precious daughter Caitlin’s picture.

Amber comes bopping on in and let’s Hector know that she knows that sweet Samantha is Caitlin’s mother. Well, Hector ain’t happy with this revelation, no sir-ee-bob. He tries to kick Amber out and is rather harsh with the ex-Forreter-ette.

As Amber screeches that she’s only trying to help her new buddy Hector, he loosens up and admits that only three people know that Sammy is Caitlin’s mommy: Priscilla, Sammy, and himself. “Well, I guess it won’t hurt if one more knows,” Amber says as she attempts to encourage Hector to let Caiters in on the big secret.

Over at Logan Designs, Caitlin happens to catch a glance at a calendar and notices that her birthday is on mother’s day this year. Well, that makes the young-in feel a little bad, seeming as though her mother died in child birth. Just them, Sammy comes traipsing in and wonders why her young ingénue is so blue. Caitlin tells Sammy her sob story of how her mother died and how no one will talk about her. “I can tell that it’s so hard for my dad,” Caitlin says.

Well, Sam tells Caiters that she feels her pain. “I too lost someone very close to me. I’d like to tell you that the older you get the easier it is, but it isn’t,” Sammy says. The two pop a squat on the office couch as Sam encourages Caitlin to talk about her mother. Caiters says that she always imagined that her mother was beautiful, creative, smart and loved animals. (Sounds just like my sweet Samantha!)

Caitlin the breaks down in Sam’s arms as Miss Kelly hugs and comforts her.

Down at Forrester Creations, Thorne is all a twitter as to what Eric and Stephanie have decided about making him president of the company. Darla gives him another one of her ‘stellar’ pep talks until they are buzzed in to Eric’s office.

Eric and Stephanie sit their number two son down and tell him what a great job he is in shipping and production, (or what ever the hell he does in that dungeon office of his). Thorne suddenly gets the impression that his mom and pop aren’t going to promote him because he’s ‘too good at the job that he does now.’

Thorne starts to lay in about how he’s played second fiddle to Ridge his whole life and of how he wants to be on equal footing as his brother. Darla puts her two cents in saying how great Thorne would be as president and of how she’ll be backing him up all the way. “Well, that might not be enough,” Eric points out.

Right when Thorne thinks that all is lost, Eric hands him his new desk plate, reading “Thorne Forrester, President.” Well, of course it took Thorne a minute to figure out what just happened; he did get promoted and he’s going to no longer be living in Ridge’s shadow. Thorne gushes to his parents of how much this means to him; that they see him as Ridge’s equal. Stephanie pulls in her number two and gives him a tight squeeze, telling him how much she and Eric love him.

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