B&B Friday Update 4/23/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/23/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

We begin today a Forrester Fort One as Stephanie is attempting to slip on out before Eric comes down stairs. Well, old Stephers didn’t move quite fast enough and Eric demands a word with her.

He accuses her and her merry band of co-conspirators for teaming up against the Brookester and pressuring her into marrying Nick. Of course Stephanie dismisses that as sheer poppycock; she along with everybody else has the Brooeksters’ best interest at heart. “She belongs with the father of her baby,” Stephanie demands. When she sees that Eric isn’t really buying all that she’s spouting out, she drops Rick’s name and of about how he’s one of BRICK’S biggest fans. “Don’t you dare drop all of this out on me!” Stephanie yells. Well, Eric sure thinks it fishy that Stephanie is all buddy-buddy with Brooke, especially after they found out that the spawn was Nick’s. “Look me in the eye and tell me that you love Brooke,” Eric demands. Of course good old Steph can’t pull that one off and finally gives up on her “I love Brooke” charade.

“I am happy that Brooke is out of our family!” she bellows as she goes on about how Brooke hurts everyone in her path and about how she refuses to apologize for anything that she’s ever done in attempts to protect her family from Brooke’s wrath. Then Stephanie talks about her own sob story of when Brooke stole Eric away and of how sad and lonely she was when he was gone. “She did the same thing to Ridge and Thorne that she did to you! I promised myself that that would happen no more! I’m not going to let her mess up another generation of my family! I want to keep her away from Ridge’s children so they don’t have to endure the heart ache that she’s capable of!” Stephanie pleads to Eric that he must understand her intentions of wanting to protect her family. When she sees that he doesn’t, she reminds him that the door is right there in front of him. Well, Eric takes a look at the door and then back at Stephers. “I don’t understand you Stephanie Forrester and I never will. But I will never, EVER leave you again!” and then he pulls her in for a good squeeze. HOW SWEET!

Off in Hawaii, Brooke pops a squat at the desk and begins a ‘Dear Ridge’ letter right as Nick comes on in from the beach. Brooke assures Nick that she just wants to let Ridge know that everything is all fine and dandy with her. Nicker-bocker makes it clear to Brooke that he’s not all too sure about this; he still feels like she’s been pressured into saying yes to his marriage proposal. Brooke assures her new fiancée that she’s right where she wants to be. Then, later on, as they’re lying out by the beach chatting so more about how relaxed she is and such, flowers come. They’re for Brooke, from Stephanie!

Brooke tells Nick about how great old Stephers has been to her and about how she told Brooke she loved her and such. Nick wonders if Stephanie’s intentions are pure, but Brooke is totally convinced. “She’s not all oger,” Brooke tells him as she reads the card. “Aloha Brooke. Your friend, Stephanie.” Brooke just thinks that’s so sweet. Nick then remembers that Aloha means hello...and goodbye. He says this allowed to the Brookerster, but of course she didn’t get it.

Down at Beach house number two, the kid friendly home of Deacon where there is seldom a kid, Jackie has stopped by to celebrate BRICK’S engagement.

Deacon offers her a root-beer and a belch before he listens in to how happy BRICK is. Deacon reminds Jackie of what she had to do, or didn’t do to make that happen. Of course Jacksters is still troubled about her lack of action, she doesn’t feel bad enough to not feel great. “They’re in Hawaii right now with little Hope, just like a real family!” Jacksters beams. Of course that struck a nerve with Big Bad Deacon. He tells Jackie that he doesn’t want Hope to have to grow up in an unstable home. Jackie reminds Deacon of how much Ridge hated him and reminds him that Nick doesn’t share that same opinion. “I could persuade Nick to let you spend time with your child,” Jackie whispers as the two flirt non stop.

As Jackie decides to put an end to today’s installments of Deacon’s gross sexual advances, he reminds her that she hasn’t touched her root-beer. With that, the proper Brit takes a long gulp of the soda pop and then let’s out a belch to rival Deacon’s before she heads on out of the door.

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