B&B Thursday Update 4/22/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/22/04

By Space Bug   
Pictures by Boo

Today we begin still at the Marone Mansion with Ridge bitching out Stephanie, Massimo and Jackie. He still just can’t believe that they all steam rolled over the Brookester to get what they all wanted for themselves. “All of you just go to Hell!” Ridge bellows as he bolts out of the door. Massimo follows his number one son in hot pursuit, while Stephanie and Jackie stay behind for a little matriarch chat. The two comment on each of them seemed to get exactly what they wanted; Brooke was out of Ridge’s life and Nick is now gonna be a family man.

“I didn’t get what I wanted,” Stephanie counters, “I only wanted Ridge to be happy, and if that was with Brooke, I would have welcomed it with open arms.” Jacksters challenges Stephanie’s statement, saying that she’s always been too overprotective of her family and that getting the Brookester out of it has always been her top priority. Stephers makes it clear to Jackie that she thinks it’s a sad situation that BRIDGE finally has to walk away from each other, but that she doesn’t want to hear the over protective speech from Jackie... oh no, no, no. “Some how, I think that there isn’t anything that you would do for your Nicky,” Stephanie says before giving Jackie these words of advice. “You lucked out; the baby was Nick. So, if I were you, I’d sit back and enjoy the ride. Now I have to watch Ridge’s world come crashing down and help him put it back together as best I can. No, Jacqueline, I did not want this.”

Over at Marone Industries, Ridge has come to Massimo’s office to observe the Marone busts and to say how he thinks Mass’ so called heritage is a joke. Massimo comes in to join all the fun right when Ridge smashes a picture with him and the old goat on his desk.

Massimo begs and pleads to Ridge to remain in his life. “I need you,” he whines, “This is not about picking Dominick over you.” Ridge begs to differ. “Nick was a sailor by profession. That’s one strike against me. Your wife is his mother; that’s two. And he has no problems about carrying on your family name and we all know how I feel about that,” Ridge states to Massimo the ass man. Massimo continues his begging, but then gets flustered when Ridge continues to gripe about how much he needs Brooke. “But your children need you!” Massimo screams as he tells Ridge that while he’s out chasing Brooke, the Tay-tots are left to parent themselves. “You need to grow up Ridge!”

Well, Ridge didn’t want to hear that! “Is that how you see me? A spoiled rich boy?” Ridge wonders. Massimo expresses to Ridge that he doesn’t see him that way at all. “I see you as a man who has been dealt very rough blows,” Massimo says.

Up in the air on the Marone jet, once Brooke has convinced Nick that she wants to be with him and to keep the plane on its course for Hawaii, he and Hope have a good old time.

Let’s see, while Nick is looking for whipped cream for their ice cream, a CD of one of his songs drops out of his pocket, and Hope just has to hear it. Brooke puts it on, and Hope and Nick dance about he plane, doing the daughter/daddy dancing on the feet dance. Then they finish their ice cream and Nick sprays himself with the whipped cream, he reads to the tike, and then tucks her in. Oh so cute, oh so touching.

Back at Marone, Mass has apparently left, and Ridge is standing on the terrace. He flashes back to Brooke giving him that stupid necklace, and then decides to rip all of them, yes ALL OF HIS NECKLACES off and throw them over the railing.

THANK YOU GOD! RIDGE IS NECKLACE-LESS!! But, of course, that still doesn’t make him feel better about losing Brooke at all. Then, he takes off his wedding band and goes to chuck that over the side as well, but apparently that’s not as expendable as the necklaces were. Ridge just can’t bear to part with the ring, so he clutches it in his hand and looks up at the sky.

Right after Ridge throw the necklaces of the side of the building, Brooke starts clutching her neck on the plane and breathing kind of hard. When Nick asks her what the matter is, Brooke replies that she’s not having another panic attack, but something felt weird. “It felt like I was holding my breath under water for a long time, and then came up for air,” she describes. The two rule her little air thing as her finally realizing that she’s starting to relax. “You probably wouldn’t know what relaxation was if it hit you in the face,” Nick tells her as Brooke lies back on his shoulder and the two snuggle.

As Ridge is still star gazing, the camera zooms to the Marone jet flying about in the night clouds... why this was necessary, I don’t know, but I just thought I’d add it in case any of you thought it was important.

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