B&B Wednesday Update 4/21/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/21/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Today we begin with a very pissed of Ridge at the Marone Mansion. The party is done, BRICK is gone, and now it’s just Mass, Jackie, and Stephanie.

Ridge lays into the three of them for bombarding Brooke and finally getting what they all wanted: Massimo- so that his precious grandson wasn’t born out of wed-lock, Jackie- that he sea-captain son would become a family man, and good old Stephers- “You’ve wanted Brooke out of our lives from the moment you met her,” Ridge blasts. At first Stephanie plays her whole, “I’m so proud of Brooke because for once in her life she wasn’t selfish and put the welfare of her child first” thing, but then, she finally tells Ridge that she’s right. “I have wanted her gone, but it was for the good of both of you.” Stephanie then congratulates Mass and Jackie for receiving the reward of their scheming: the Brookester is now in their family, making her their problem. “I hope that she brings your son the happiness and stability that she never gave to my son,” Stephers tells them. Well, Ridge is still mighty hot friends. He tears into Stephanie about how Brooke was never good enough for her and of how Stephers bullied the Brookester from the beginning. “Now Brooke is out of my life and I wish you were too,” Ridge screams.

After that pretty much shut Stephanie up, Massimo decides to join in to comfort/justify everybody’s actions. He tells Ridge that he wanted his grandson where he belongs; with his father. Well, Ridge has something to say about that. “Massimo, everything has to be so proper! God forbid that that child isn’t born a Marone. But yet, you managed to have two bastard sons with these women!” Mass isn’t pleased to hear that, no-sir-ee bob, but he tells Ridge about how finding him was the greatest thing ever and of how he couldn’t lose him again. Ridge fires back that even though Massimo totally changed his life everything kind of went down hill when Nick came along. “I was drawn to you by our connection; by your power and strength. I even left Forrester Creations and the only man I knew as a father to be beside you!” Ridge still can’t believe though that after all of the sacrifices he made for Mass, his dear old dad still took Nick’s side. Well, Ridge isn’t going to stand for being the number two son. He takes off his Marone ring and hands it back to Massimo. “No, I won’t let you do this son,” Massimo whimpers. Ridge continues holding out the ring, looking very adamant.

Up in the sky on the Marone Jet, Nick is talking to little adorable Hope about how much fun Hawaii is gonna be. After he gets the tot to do a little hula dance and then tucks her in for a nap, he sits down with the Brookester to have a chat.

Nick wonders why she looks so glum and gloomy. Brooke tells Nick about the little ambush at the party. “I know that they all had my best interest at heart, but they did come on a little strong.” Obviously, poor Nick had no idea that his parents, along with Rick, Stephers, and the good doctor James had teamed up the way they did. “Did they pressure you into accepting my proposal?” Nick wants to know. Brooke denies that they pressured her, but does admit that all of their words kept running through her head when she accepted. Well, now Nick is pissed. “If I had known this, I never would have proposed again,” he says. “I’m turning this plane around!” Brooke doesn’t want that though, oh no! Brooke tries to calm Nick down, it doesn’t work.

“I want you to take the ring off,” Nick says. Brooke pleads to him: “Nick, I need to get away, I need to move on! Help me move on with my life...Take me away!” Nick just stands there starring at the teary eyed Brookester.

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