B&B Tuesday Update 4/20/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/20/04

By Boo
Pictures by Boo

Marone mansion:

The party is still in full swing as Nick gets down on his knees and asks Brooke to marry him again. (We see Ridge in his care trying to get to the mansion before something like this happens.) Brooke hesitates as everyone in the room watches anxiously. Nick stands up deciding that this is all just a little too traditional for his taste. He tells Brooke that he promises to keep her on her toes for the rest of her life and wants her to do the same for him. He asks her if she will sail away with him. To everyone’s delight, Brooke finally says yes. After Nick slips the engagement ring on her finger, he picks her up and twirls her around the room.

As Jack Wagner’s “Going Back Again” plays in the background, the whole room throws confetti on the couple as they continue to spin around the room. As Nick finally puts Brooke back down on her feet, the congratulations start. Massimo calls for everyone’s attention and proposes a toast not only to Nick and Brooke’s baby, but to their impending marriage. He welcomes Brooke to the family. Oscar and Rick both take their turn at offering up a toast to the happy new couple. Everyone starts to come and give them hugs and individual wishes for happiness. When Jackie asks the blushing bride to be where they will live, Brooke is brought back to reality and the enormity of what has just happened overwhelms her a little bit. Nick sees this and asks Brooke if she wants to dance. When she tells him no, he decides it is time for the couple to make their exit. He calls for everyone’s attention and thanks everyone for being there, but it is time for the two of them to get out of there and spend some time alone. Nick grabs Hope and they head to the door as everyone makes their last effort to congratulate them. Jackie is at the door to tell them how very happy they have made her and expresses her love for the both of them. Stephanie tells Brooke that she guesses this means congratulations, to which Brooke guesses she is right. Stephanie tells her “Good-bye, Brooke.”, as Nick whisks her out to the waiting limo.

Ridge comes in the front door as Jackie, Massimo, James, Rick, and Stephanie all retreat to the patio where they all talk of how happy Brooke will be now. James is a bit concerned that it happened a little too fast for Brooke. As Stephanie assures James that Brooke has all she has ever wanted now, Ridge bursts in to crash the happy little party. He demands to know what is going on and wants to know where Brooke is. Massimo tells him that Brooke just left. When Ridge asks where she went, Stephanie smugly tells her son that Brooke has left to start a new life. Ridge is none to happy and demands to know what they have all been up to. Brooke needs rest now, not big parties. When he realizes James is there, he wonders what kind of head games they played with Brooke tonight. Massimo sees that Ridge is in a rage and decides it best to end the party. He makes another announcement to the guests, thanking them all for being here and telling them that he has limos ordered for all of them. Once all the guests have cleared out, Ridge demands to know what has been going on in this ‘den of thieves’ tonight. Stephanie and Massimo try to explain to Ridge that they were all worried about Brooke after her anxiety attack. That is why Massimo called James in. Stephanie finally informs Ridge that Brooke accepted Nick’s proposal and they are engaged now. Ridge thinks she was pressured into it and starts to rush out the door to find Brooke. Stephanie stops him and tells him that Brooke made the decision all on her own and he has got to let her go.

Eric’s front room:

Samantha comes in asking Eric if he would like to share some take-out with her. Right away she sees that something is bothering Eric. Eric tells her about the party that Massimo is throwing tonight for Brooke and Nick. He tells her how worried he is that they will all pressure Brooke into saying yes to Nick’s proposal, and that Ridge is on his way over there now. He just hopes Ridge isn’t too late. Samantha doesn’t understand what he means by ‘too late’. Eric explains that he thinks all these people are up to something. They both agree that Ridge would do anything for Brooke.

Eric knows that Ridge is still very much in love with her. He is upset that everyone is now meddling in Ridge’s affairs now, including his own mother. He hopes that Stephanie hasn’t gone too far this time. Samantha doesn’t understand. Eric tells her that he knows his wife, and he is sure she is up to something tonight.


Brooke asks Nick if the driver knows where they are going as he just passed Brooke’s house. Nick tells her that because of all that happened tonight, he thought they all needed to get away for a while. Hope is delighted to be going on a vacation, but Brooke isn’t as enthusiastic.

She admits to Nick that she is scared. She is looking a bit zoned out. Nick totally understand this.

Marone plane:

Nick, Brooke and Hope enter the plane to find the captain waiting for them. Nick thanks him for getting the plane ready so quickly. The captain asks where they are going. Nick simply tells him to take them to paradise. Brook sits down on the couch. We can tell that she is still a little bit out of it. Nick tells her that he wants to talk to Hope a little bit and try to explain all that happened tonight. Brooke nods her consent as Nick jumps up and grabs Hope. He flies her around the plane for a little bit making her laugh. Finally he brings her in for a landing on the chair. When Hope tells him that she doesn’t know what it means to be engaged, Nick explains that when he put that ring on Brooke’s finger it meant that they are all going to be a family now. He will be around all the time now and will be able to give her plenty of plane rides and tuck her into bed.

Hope is very happy about that. Brooke continues to stay quiet and watch in a zoned out state. Nick tries to get Hope settled in the seat with her seatbelt on, but Hope is pretty wound up and keeps squirming around a lot. Nick finally looks to Brooke jokingly like he is in over his head here. Brooke laughs as she watches the two of them.

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