B&B Monday Update 4/19/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/19/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Today we begin up in the Marone Mansion at Brooke’s little intervention. Let me tell you, Stephers is sure pulling out the big guns, calling Brooke ‘sweet heart’ and telling her how she knows that she has to make the right choice; not just for herself but for the spawn.

Rick really lays it on thick too by finally making it clear to Brooke how sometimes awful it was growing up her son. “Mom, I’ve always loved you, but sometimes I didn’t like you,” Rick confesses as he tells the Brookester that he tried to make her happy all the time, but he was just never good enough. “The only time you were ever happy was when Ridge was around.” Rick pleads to Brooke to not let the spawn grow up feeling the way that he did. As

Brooke encircles the room, everyone puts in their two cents; Massimo, Jackie, James... but it is Stephanie the queen who dishes out the final attack of conscience. She brings up how much Brooke used to hurt everyone  that stood in her way of getting what she always wanted; even her children. “I thought that you were incapable of love,” Stephanie admits. Then she discuses the island escapades when everyone thought that Ridge was dead. “I finally realized that you really did love him,” Stephers confesses. “I was furious when I found out that you slept with Nick and that he was the father of your baby, but then you did something unexpected; you thought about your child and you let Ridge go. That was your defining moment.” Well, that sure did it folks...I think.

Down at Forrester Fort One, Eric tosses out some ideas about Stephanie using Brooke’s situation to get her out of the Forrester clan once and for all. At first, Ridge ain’t buying. “Mother and Brooke are friends now,” Ridge says. Eric isn’t all too sure that Stephanie’s intentions are honorable. “Your mother is this close to getting what she’s always wanted,” he tries to make Ridge comprehend. “It wouldn’t be the first time she or Massimo would try to pull something like this. Brooke is in a very vulnerable state and she’s surrounded by people who want her to marry Nick.” “But this is different; Brooke has changed,” Ridge attempts to get across.

“What if your mother hasn’t changed?” Eric wants to know. “Come on Ridge!” Well, Ridge’s brain has finally caught up to the underhanded action at work; now he’s getting what’s going on. “Well, I can’t just go over there half-cocked; that would make Brooke even more upset,” Ridge decides and then he gives Stephers a ring.

This just happens to be right as the intervention has let out. Ridge wants to know just what’s shaking down at the Marone Mansion. “Everything is going to be fine,” Stephanie tells her number one son. “Brooke is fine.” Well, Ridge isn’t believing that for a second, no sir-ee-bob, he’s going over to the mansion to have a looks see for himself!

Well, like I said, the intervention has let out, and the stream line of BRICK supporters, along with the Brookester herself are all traipsing down the stairs. Stephers makes a bee line over to Nick and hands him back the ring. Nick looks over at Brooke from across the room as he asks our favorite matriarch what is going on. “Why does it look like Brooke has been crying?” Nick wonders. (He did NOT just ask THAT question!) Stephanie just grins and says: “Ask her again; I promise she won’t say no.” Well, Nicker-bocker is just slightly confused. He waltzes over to Jacksters to get the low-down on what the upstairs happenings were. Jackie, like Stephers urges Nick to pop the question for the third time.

Well, right as BRICK seem as though they are going to have a chat, Massimo the assman drags them to the front of the shin-dig and makes one of his long winded family speeches that no one cares about. When Mass finally shuts his trap, Nick gets down on his knee AGAIN and proposes. Brooke looks at him, kind of smiley and yes, teary-eyed, but then her eye happens to catch a picture of Ridge sitting on one of the end tables.

Speaking of Ridge, he’s in his car racing to the party before it’s too late. “Don’t give in to them Brooke,” Ridge says to himself. “I’m coming.”

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