B&B Friday Update 4/16/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/16/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Today is party day everybody at the Marone Mansion, and we begin with Jackie and Massimo getting ready. It appears that Jacksters is quite nervous about the whole thing and hopes that it won’t back fire. Mass assures his beloved that everything will go swimmingly, especially since James is on the scene.

Over at Brooke’s Bungalow, Rick checks up on his mommy to see how the getting ready is going. Well, it appears that hair and make up are a go, but the bath robe is still in place. “You’re not dressed,” Rick assesses as he walks in. Brooke confides in her boy that she is having second thoughts. Rick assures her that everything will be hunky dory at the soiree. “I’ll go, I promised Stephanie,” Brooke replies. Then Rick, ever the sweet one, gives Brooke a corsage that he had the florist make special for her. “Irises represent courage and wisdom,” Rick informs Brooke. “I thought you might need a little extra courage tonight." Oh, Brooke just thinks that oh so sweet!

Just then, little Hope, the most adorable child on daytime television, comes frolicking in to show her mom and big brother her fancy party dress. The three all share a smile, giggle, and a grin and then the kids go on their merry way to allow the Brookester time to dress.

After all clothing is donned, Nick comes bopping in to see if Brooke is ready to get a-going. The two exchange compliments on how great they look, blah, blah, blah, and Nick makes sure that Brooke is alright with coming along. After the two make a deal to split the party if either one of them starts to feel uncomfortable, they head on out for the Marone Mansion.

Right as Brooke leaves her bed room the phone rings, and I’ll bet you’ll never guess who it was. It was Ridge! He was just calling in to check up on her, but assumes that she’s sleeping. “I’ll check in with you tomorrow,” he says before he hangs up.

Down at Forrester Fort One, Stephanie is oogling Nick’s ring as James comes on in all dressed up in his gorilla suit. As the two chat about the intervention, Stephanie expresses to Jimmy-boy of how concerned she is for the Brookester.

Right as James begins to wonder aloud if Stephers’ concern is for real; Eric comes traipsing down the stairs, so Jimmy-boy heads out for the car. When Stephanie sees that Eric isn’t in his tux, she correctly assumes that he’s bowing out of his invitation to join in on all of the fun. Eric doesn’t think that it’s right to push Brooke into marrying Nick, and he’s not going to have any part of it. Then Eric gets a little hunch of his own. “How perfect for you that by having Brooke marry Nick, you get what you’ve wanted all along,” he comments to Stephanie. Of course, Stephers’ plays innocent and simply declares that BRICK is right and BRIDGE is wrong. “Let’s just agree to disagree,” she decides as she departs for party central.

After Stephanie departs from the Fort, Ridge comes storming in looking for her. “Are you angry with her for some reason?” Eric wonders. “She’s pushing Brooke to marry Nick; of course I’m angry with her!” Ridge expresses. Eric informs Ridge of the party and about how he thinks that there’s something fishy about it. “I think there’s something going on and your mother is in on it with Massimo,” Eric declares. Well of course Ridge is completely disgusted by all of this. Then the two start to really wonder about Stephanie’s new found friendship with Brooke. Ridge even tells Eric about how Brooke told him that Stephanie told her that she loves her. (That was a fun sentence!)

Now Eric knows that something isn’t quite up to snuff. Ridge seems to catch on as well. “It’s easy to support somebody when they’re doing what you want,” he states, and Eric agrees.

Back over at the Marone Mansion, guests from all over the world are pouring in from every where.

As Jackie and Massimo are welcoming a Baron and Baroness, Oscar comes waltzing down the stairs. (Where the hell did he come from?!) When Mass asks if Imposter Bridget will be joining the festivities tonight, Ozzy replies that she had to cancel out because of a big test. (Yeah, re-accuring status will do that to a character). Then, finally Stephanie and James arrive. Massimo drags the good doctor over to meet some people as Stephers calms Jackie’s nerves and tells her that everything will go OK. “I’ve got Nick’s ring in my purse. By the end of the night, we’ll have it on her finger,” Stephanie assures her.

Soon after, the guests of honor arrive. Brooke and Nick are both so amazed that all of these people have turned out for their honor. As the float about the party, James makes a break for the upstairs to get ready. As Rick watches BRICK steal a family moment with cute little Hope, Massimo comes over and whispers in his ear that “It’s time.” Rick then catches Stephanie’s eye, who then goes over to talk to Brooke. (It was all very Mission Impossible.) Stephanie convinces Brooke to come join her for a minute, promising Nick as they leave that, “She’ll be all yours when I bring her back.”

Stephanie and Brooke make their way up to what I’m thinking is Massimo and Jackie’s room upstairs, and when they open the door, the whole lynch mob has been assembled: Stehers, Rick, Jacksters, Massimo the Ass man, and then James appears. Brooke is rather thrown and immediately defensive. “So you’ve all decided to gang up on me?” she questions. They urge her to remain calm and Rick states that they’re doing this because they all care about her. “Brooke, you had a panic attack,” Jackie chimes in. Brooke looking stressed and breathing heavily fires back, “Do you want me to have another one?!” James calmly tells Brooke that this isn’t about marrying Nick; it’s about her relationship with Ridge. James diagnoses her with having separation anxiety. “You are afraid of being apart from him because you’ve been together for so long,” James tries to explain. Brooke still isn’t buying it. Then Stephanie pulls out the ring. “This ring should represent a new life for you; your future. If you’ve ever trusted me, trust me now.” Well, it is evident that the Brookester really doesn’t know what to do as she stares back...yes, TEAERY-EYED.

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