B&B Thursday Update 4/15/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/15/04

By Matthew       
Pictures by Boo

It is the day after the Brookester’s little panic-attack episode and she is all cozy and relaxed in her bungalow bed. Nick comes on up the check on how she’s doing, making sure once again that she’s A-OK. “This stress is not good for you or our son,” he informs her as he blames yesterday’s episode all on Ridge. “He was way out of line,” Nicker-bocker says, trying to get Brooke to agree with him. Well, that would be too easy; Brooke doesn’t blame Ridge for what happened at all; it’s the whole situation, not any one or group of people that’s stressing her out, after all. Nick then brings up Massimo’s little shin-dig and asks Brooke if she’d mind attending. Well, Brooke certainly isn’t up for that, and thus, she turns the invite down flat.

Up at Marone Industries, half of the cast, (we’re talking Stephanie, Mass the Assman, Jackie, and Rick) are having a pow-wow in Mass’ office. The subject of their discussion? What else? THE BROOKESTER! Massimo emphasis that what happened yesterday was the final straw. “This can’t go on!” he booms. Then, Massimo introduces his secret weapon: JAMES! (We all remember James right? Let’s see, he was the 45 year old virgin who some how convinced Taylor to sleep with him when they were stranded up at Big Bear and thought that they were both goners, and... Oh yeah, he joined the ranks of Eric Forrester when he allowed himself to be seduced by Shelia, his whacked out patient whom he not only slept with, but knocked up and married. He’d be the proud papa of Mary, AKA Erica who was the reason why Shelia came back to town and eventually killed my poor Taylor! Damn James, you’re just as much to blame for Taylor’s death as Brooke! How fun!) Any who, I digress. Well, Massimo has invited James; let’s call him Jimmy-boy to come on back to sunny LA to help Brooke with her plight. Apparently, Massimo seems to think that it would be a swell idea to not only throw this party and make sure that Brooke is on the VIP list, but also have an intervention. (Talk about killing two birds with one stone!)

After the pow-wow has ended, Stephanie hobbles on over to Brooke’s bungalow to have a chat with her new little buddy. Stephanie brings up the topic of Massimo’s soiree and about how vital Brooke’s attendance would be. After some hemming and hawing, the Brookester finally agrees to make an appearance.

Over at Logan Designs, Sally has assembled together her posse of former employees and Spectra supporters to give them, along with Darla and Clark the low-down about how she’s going to get her company back.

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