B&B Wednesday Update 4/14/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/14/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

We begin today up in Massimo’s office at Marone Industries. Nick comes bopping in to find Jackie filling out invitations for the big party that she and Mass are throwing in honor of BRICK and the spawn. Well, Nicker-bocker ain’t happy about this shing-ding, no sir-ee-bob.

“This is the last thing that Brooke needs right now,” he states, “count us out.” Jackie pleads to her precious Nicky that this is just her and Massimo’s way to show how happy they are about the spawn and to tell the world that they are not ashamed of BRICK’S relationship and of how they just want to break out and celebrate. Right then the Ass-man Massimo himself comes waltzing on into his office to join into this party debate. Massimo declares that there will be no pooping of the party kind at his fancy soiree as he makes it very clear that BRICK will be in attendance.

As Jacksters whines about how the invitations are all ready to get sent out and Massimo declares that he’s already been inviting people, Nick counters with the fact that the Brookester hasn’t even accepted his proposal. Massimo advises his number two son that Brooke is so close to accepting and advises that this party might just be the little shove that she needs to say yes.

Over in Ridge’s office, the paramedics have finally arrived to treat the out of breath Brookester. As they through about medical mumbo-jumbo that none of us cares about, one of the good medics finally diagnoses Brooke with having a panic attack. “It’s nothing real serious,” he informs her and Ridge as they have her breath some oxygen. (Well, I’m relieved!) When the medic inquires about the cause of Brooke’s stress, Ridge mutters underneath his breath that he knows exactly what has caused her little episode. As the medic, let’s call him Bob, advises Brooke to stay calm and relax, his advice is shot to hell as the Frenzied Three, AKA: Nick, Jackie, and Massimo come barging into the office. Apparently, they had heard that an ambulance was called and wanted the low down on what was up. As Nick and Ridge help Brooke off the floor and into a chair, Massimo and Jackie showered the usual questions that would be expected in this type of situation:

“What happened?”, “Is Brooke OK?”, “How’s the baby?”... Blah, blah, blah. As the Brothers Marone begin to argue right then and there about who’s the source of Brooke’s distress, Bob the good medic ushers everyone out so that he may have a word with Ms. Logan. As Nick and Ridge continue their arguing out in the hall, Bob reminds Brooke about how important it is for her and the spawn that she take extra-special care of herself, especially this late in her pregnancy. Bob even goes as far as to suggest that Brooke come on down to the hospital for classes in stress-management for expectant mothers. Well, the Brookester won’t hear of that, oh no. “No, I don’t need therapy,” she replies. (Oh I beg to differ!) “I just need to make a decision,” Brooke finishes. After he’s sure that the Brookester is A-OK, Bob and his crony, (the other medic) shuffle on off on another call. Right as they make their closing statements to the Marone clan about how important it is for Brooke to stay as calm and cool as a cucumber, they notice Ridge slip on into the office with Brooke. As Nick attempts to go and share in the fun, he sees that Ridge has locked the door.

Well, that did it friends...Nick is pissed! He storms into Mass’ office ready to have janitors take the door off the hinges with Jackie and Massimo in hot pursuit. Massimo pleads to Nick to leave BRIDGE be. “You have a bond with Brooke; you’re child. No one or nothing can change that,” Massimo reminds his number two son. Well, that’s what got through to Nick, finally, but before he storms out, he warns Massimo:

“He’s gotta get a grip pop!” After Nicky sails off, Jackie is perturbed with Massimo for allowing BRIDGE to have their little moment. Massimo seems to think that it can do no harm. He’s thinking that this little incident will finally get it through Ridge’s thick skull that he needs to let Brooke go for good.

Back in Ridge’s office, he and Brooke have a quiet chat about how through everything they have always been there for each other. “That will never change,” Ridge assures her. “I will always be there for you.” Brooke thinks that all fine and dandy, but she doesn’t seem to think that Ridge can help her with her current de-backhaul. “I need to fix this on my own,” Brooke tells him sadly. Ridge begs to differ. “I think I know how to solve your problem”, Ridge coos.

As BRIDGE clutches each other in a firm embrace, we hear Massimo’s voice telling Jackie that Brooke WILL accept Nick’s proposal and that they need to sever Brooke’s relationship with Ridge... for good!

In other LA news, Darla officially accepts Thorn’s proposal of marriage. (Sorry, I thought that she said yes yesterday...I guess I didn’t hear her clear enough over my vomiting.) Any who, after all yeses are dished out, Darla knows exactly who they need to tell of their ridiculous union first.

The two prance on over to Sally’s new/old office at Logan Designs, and after Sally finishes barking out orders over her loud speaker, she asks Darla if she’d like her old job back.

Darla flashes her ugly J-Lo diamond Sally’s way and says that Thorne has made her another offer. Sally has a rather surprised look on her face, which seemed to begin to look happy, but then she glanced down to the beautiful picture of my precious Macy on her desk, and her smile turns to slight pout. (Thank you Sally!) Once Darla picks up on Sally’s reaction, she sympathizes with her friend’s plight. “I know that I’m not the first Mrs. Thorne Forrester,” Darla tells Sally. Sally reminds Darla of how special she is to her, and agrees that Darla may not be the first, but she will definitely be the last. (Oh I BEG to differ!)

*Ok, time out. Let’s go through the list of Mrs. Thorne Forrester’s, shall we? Let’s see: Caroline Spencer, Macy Alexander (X3), Brooke Logan, and almost Taylor Hayes. In a since, Thorne has been with, (well almost) all of the most glamorous sirens of the show, (yes friends, you all know my feelings for Brooke, but I’ll even go so far as to completely include her in the list in every way, just to prove a point.)


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