B&B Tuesday Update 4/13/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/13/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Well, we begin today up at Ridge’s office in Marone Industries. Apparently he has just asked the Brookester why she isn’t wearing Nick’s ring. Brooke just doesn’t know what in the world she’s gonna do. Ridge would like her to give him a final answer about what she’s planning on doing with Nick. “Are you going to marry him?”

Well, Brooke just doesn’t know about that either; she just wants to make everybody proud of her and now she just doesn’t know where to turn. Ridge tries to get her to see that she doesn’t have to worry about pleasing anybody but herself. “It’s your life Logan and what ever decision you make, everybody else is just going to have to live with it,” Ridge states. Well, that would be just fine and dandy if not for the fact that Brooke had a touching conversation with Stephanie earlier. “She told me that she was proud of me and that she loved me,” Brooke babbles. “But not unconditionally; if I marry Nick.”

Ridge seems to think that’s rather fitting. “Brooke, when have you ever done anything to make everybody else happy and make yourself miserable?” Ridge would like to know. “Never!” the Brookester shouts. Apparently, she’s trying to break that cycle of selfish, destructive behavior. Ridge seems to think that all of these voices in Brooke’s head, saying what’s right and what’s wrong are confusing her. “They are confusing me,” Brooke admits, “and so are you. It isn’t just about us anymore, I’ve got to think about my child.” “And what is he telling you to do?” Ridge wants to know. Brooke tearfully reveals that the spawn is telling her that it should be with its father. Well, Ridge isn’t all too happy to hear this, and Brooke isn’t all too thrilled to say it either. As he paces about the office, Brooke starts breathing rather hard and clutching her chest. When Ridge finally recognizes that things aren’t up to snuff, Brooke pleads that it’s hard for her to breath and she doesn’t know what’s happening to her.

As Ridge tries to shuffle her out of the office, Brook collapses on the floor in his arms. How tragic.

Down the hall and in Massimo’s office, Nick bops in to find Jackie sitting behind the old man’s desk writing out invitations. When Nicker-bocker takes a gander at the cards and reads that the party his folks are throwing is in honor of BRICK and the spawn, he is just not a happy camper. Nick tries to get it through Jacksters’ thick head that this party is the last thing that Brooke needs, but of course she isn’t hearing anything but ‘hear comes to bride’ playing over and over in her head. “Brooke is not in the mood for this, trust me,” Nick states. “This is just putting more stress on her.”

Well, surprise, surprise, Jackie just doesn’t see it that way. “Brooke is almost ready to accept your proposal; she just needs another push in that direction.” Nicker-bocker still isn’t all too keen on this idea. “I’m the one proposing to Brooke mother. This isn’t a group effort.” Jacksters attempts to see where her precious Nicky is coming from, but she excuses her and Massimo’s over stepping as sheer excitement. “We’re not ashamed of your child or your relationship with Brooke,” she informs the sleek sailor. “We are so happy and just want to celebrate!”

Across town and over at Forrester Creations, another family matter is at hand. Thorne has just asked Eric if he would be down with him stepping up in the company and becoming president. Thorne sells himself pretty good, telling his pop that they would make such a great team and that he’s got all of the experience and knowledge under his belt already. Eric has reservations about his number two son stepping up and sharing the reins, but alas, he tells Horny Thorny that he’ll think it over. After Thorne hits the road with dim-witted Darla in tote, (oh, did I forget to mention that she came along to meeting also...must have slipped my mind), Eric and Stephanie, (who was there too) talk over their boy’s proposal. Eric just didn’t see this coming a mile away, but Stephers had a clue that this was only a matter of time. “Thorne wants to become a valuable part of this family the same that he is with his own family,” she tries to express to Eric. Well, Eric is still holding out for Ridge to come back. “You asked Ridge and he said no,” Stephanie reminds Eric. “Thorne is your son.”

Over in Ridge’s old office, (the one that Thorne wants), Thorne and Darla sneak on in to take a peek and have a chat.

*Ok, this scene disgusted me, so here’s the just of what happened

Thorne told Darla about how important she is to him, blah, blah, blah and then he gave her a ring box. Darla was just all so excited and teary-eyed, but when she opened it, there were only earrings in it. Well, the idiotic blond, (the female one) tried to hide her disappointment by telling Thorne how great they were. Oh, but never fear, Thorne has another box...and this one has a god-awful pink J-Lo looking diamond in it.

Let’s see, yeah, Darla cried, and then Thorne went into a ten minute speech about how great, intelligent, talented and all out wonderful she is. (Yeah, it does take someone semi-intelligent along with a lot of talent to snare not only their best friend’s husband but her entire dream in one drunken romp...NO; I’M NOT AT ALL BITTER!) Alright, well Thorne put the ring on Darla’s finger, asked if she’ll be his wife, yadda, yadda, yadda, and of course she accepted....end of story...if only.

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