B&B Monday Update 4/12/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/12/04

By Boo
Pictures by Boo

Thorne’s office:

Thorne is busy getting things done in his office when Darla joins him. She asks if he is ready for this. Thorne says he is. He thinks that this might be his last day in this office.

Darla pumps him up for the meeting with Stephanie and Eric. She knows how he has always felt that they treated Ridge as the golden boy, but she encourages him that now is his time. He needs to be strong in his deliverance at this meeting. Thorne asks her to go with him to the meeting, She agrees to go.

Eric’s office:

Stephanie continues to tell Brook how proud she is of her. Brook wishes that Stephanie had felt that way when she was still with Ridge. Eric listens outside the door as Stephanie encourages Brook to accept Nick’s proposal and make a new life with him. She truly believes that is what Brook needs to do, and what will be best for everyone involved. After Brook leaves, Eric tries to get Stephanie to discuss what she told Brook.

Stephanie obviously doesn’t want to discuss it and keeps changing the subject. She wonders why Thorne is late for their meeting. Thorne and Darla join them now. Steph and Eric are both pleasantly surprised to see Darla there. Eric says that they will have to reschedule the meeting as he has something he has to do.

Thorne stops him and announces to both of them that he is ready to take over as CEO of Forrester Creations.

Deacon’s house:

Deacon continues to make it clear to Jackie that he is attracted to her and wants to pursue a relationship with her. Jackie again reminds him that she is married, and that Massimo would be furious if he knew how Deacon is talking to her. Deacon doesn’t care about Massimo, he cares about her and he thinks she cares about him.

When Jackie claims that she only came over to tell him to stay away, Deacon tells her that she could have done that over the phone. She really came over because she wanted to see him he claims. Jackie does admit that due to circumstances, she has been able to confide in him lately. She has been comforted by the things he tells her. She finally admits to Deacon that she considers him a friend. He kisses her on the cheek.

Ridge’s office:

Brook drops by to see Ridge. She tells him that she stopped by and talked to Stephanie. Ridge wants to know why. She explains that she felt she had no one else to talk to. When Ridge tells her that she can always talk to him, she tells him that she couldn’t talk to him about this. Ridge gets a clue that she is talking about her relationship with Nick. He grabs her hand to see if she is wearing Nick’s ring. Brook tells him that the ring is still in the box.

As tears stream down Brook’s face again, Ridge demands to know if she is going to marry his brother.

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