B&B Friday Update 4/9/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/9/04

By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

Oh boy I'm glad it's Friday, oh but wait it's Good Friday, which really wasn't all that good if I recall.

Anyway, what happened in LA?

Well, it's a new day in LA and Brooke visits Stephanie who is in Eric's office. The two share yet another heart to heart about how great Brooke is and how she is moving on with her life. It was all very touching and boring until Stephanie admitted that she loved Brooke! Wow! Brooke was just as flabbergasted and couldn't believe after all the years of fighting that she would feel that way.

They both muse about what a shame it is that they feel this way now, just as Brooke is moving away from the Forresters. Stephanie believes that Brooke's life with the Forresters is over and that she should move on with Nick. Brooke cries...

Jackie visits Deacon at his house and lays down the law. He will not come near her family or her house. Deacon wonders how she feels about the kiss he gave her yesterday. Jackie brushes it off and says she has forgotten. Deacon admits that at first he wanted a chance to prove himself to Massimo, but now he wants something else. He admits that he has been spending a lot of time with his son, who tonight is with Becky's parents. He hasn't had a home cooked meal and invites Jackie to join him for dinner.

He then gets a little raunchier and admits that he always seems to end up with the good girl, but now, his tasted have matured (but GET THIS! He pronounced like Arnold Schwarzenegger would! I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.) Jackie gives him an evil eye.

Ridge (in some really drabby grey clothes) barges into Nick's office for yet another row with his half brother. What is with these two? Do they ever work or do they always fight? Ridge is turning into such a freakin' wuss. Get over it man, she's carrying your bro's kid. Of course most people would see that as a turn off, but no, Ridge has totally absolved Brooke from any wrong doing and wants her. Ick.

Anyway Ridge rubs it in that Brooke hasn't accepted Nick's proposals and wonders what would happen if she would. Brooke would probably cry walking down the aisle (like her last two weddings?). Nick understands Brooke and Ridge's connection but thinks their time is over and wonders if Brooke was ever really happy with Ridge. He (and I'm glad someone acknowledges this) wonders how many oceans of tears she has cried for Ridge pointing out that isn't love. It's something sick. Ridge claims that he and Brooke have had good times, but doesn't actually go into any details, because he's probably too dumb to think of any. He just says that Brooke needs him and storms out. Yawn.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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