B&B Thursday Update 4/8/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/8/04

By Matthew       
Pictures by Boo

So what happened today?

At Hector's house, a stunned Priscilla sees her grand-daughter for the first time. Caitlin, who doesn't know who Priscilla is, leaves to get some library books. Priscilla is visibly moved by seeing her only granddaughter for the first time.

Hector lays into her very deep about how he is the one who is instilled such great values in Caitlin, but he couldn't be a mother to her, which is what she needed.

Amber approaches from outside and hears the majority of their conversation. Hector feels bad that he has been forced to lie to Caitlin about her mother being dead, when in fact she is right there in LA.

Hector warns Priscilla to keep her distance from his family. With that, Priscilla storms out and Hector quietly sobs, as Amber observes.

At Forrester Creations, Sally joins Stephanie in her office and explains how she will be running Logan Designs while Brooke is on maternity leave. Stephanie can't believe Sally would do that given the history, but a sly Sally says the position may not be temporary after all.

Stephanie doesn't understand, but Sally figures a lot can change in 3 months. Sally then gives Stephanie a present. It's a picture of when Sally was cutting Stephanie's hair. Before I can wonder who took that picture, Sally explains she had a camera with her and she put a timer on it. My how convienient, especially since Sally and Stephanie were so drunk they could barely walk straight, but maybe Sally really knows her camera.

Over at Logan Designs, Mass helps Brooke get some of her things together. She is stunned to learn that he asked Sally to step in as interim CEO. In a way Brooke feels guilty about taking Sally's company away from her, because it was never her intention to do that. She just got swept up in building a life with Ridge and the company was a good way to start.

Mass tells her not to worry about it and assures her that they are not inviting trouble by asking Sally to take over.

But later, Sally shows up and gets a standing ovation from all 20 employees of Spectra Fashions/Logan Designs. Darla and Clarke are there too. Sally thanks everyone and dismisses them back to work. In her old office, Sally and Darla recall some pivotal moments in Spectra's history, with the help of some wonderful flashbacks. We got to see the late Macy and Saul! How wonderful. Mass and Brooke (who had both taken some boxes down to the car) return and thank Sally for helping out.

Sally pretends to be nice to Brooke even when she talks about how Logan Designs is her (Brooke's) baby and how she and Ridge started it. Uh, you didn't start anything Brooke, you just took over after Sally was canned. Brooke even begins to show Sally some sales figures, but Sally stops her and assures her that she can take care of it all. Brooke thanks her again and leaves with Mass. Sally cannot believe the gaul of Brooke to claim that she started the company.

Sally bitterly vows that she will reclaim Spectra one way or another.


Have a wonderful evening.

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