B&B Wednesday Update 4/7/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/7/04

By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

Hey gang!

Over at Logan Designs (which by the way the sign "Logan Designs" is so obviously computer edited in), Rick visits with Nick, not that I'm sure why either of them are there. Rick seems surprised that Nick is completely okay with Brooke spending the previous night with Ridge and his family.

He hopes they (especially Ridge) don't get the wrong idea. Nick fills in Rick on his two marriage proposals to Brooke! However Nick isn't sure Ridge will ever let Brooke go. Rick is floored that Brooke hasn't accepted his proposal. Then, Brooke shows up with a box to get her things during her maternity leave (I bet Sally would burn her things in effigy).

Nick heads out but tells Rick to stay out of women's clothes (what was that about?! Does Rick like to dabble in the forbidden world of cross dressing? :) ) Anyway, just the two of them, Rick wonders when Brooke was going to tell him about the marriage proposal(s). Why didn't she say yes? Rick feels that if Brooke puts her own happiness aside just because Ridge isn't happy she'll miss out on giving the baby and herself a good life with a good man. Rick gets a little choked up as he explains what an emotional rollercoaster his childhood wants and how he really envies this baby. Brooke gives him a hug and apologizes for everything that has happened. Rick reiterates that he hasn't felt this way about any of Brooke's boyfriend (especially not Grant who Rick shot). He is the one.

Brooke still isn't sure. Rick explains that Brooke has to get Ridge out her mind, but understands how hard this is. In Brooke's heart she still wants Ridge to be the father of this baby. Rick says that the Forresters were a trap for Brooke (hey wait Rick, you're a Forrester too), but Nick is her way out. Rick leaves Brooke to think about that.

Over in Clarke/Sam's office, a flustered Sam apologizes to Caitlin for her tardiness (Priscilla stopping and a flat tire really slowed her down). Sam has an idea for Caitlin's dad (recall that she doesn't know that Hector is her dad because she used the last name "Ross" instead of Ramirez).

She suggests that Caitlin bring him down and give him a tour of the building and Sam convince him that this is a great opportunity. Caitlin still has reservations that her dad will have a problem with her working there. Sam says at first this internship might have been a favor, but now it just feels right that she is there (subtle hints, etc.).

Meanwhile Priscilla showed up at Hector's door (What?! How did she find him? Did she have her limo driver stop off and grab a phone book, but there's gotta be more than one Hector Ramirez in all of LA. Maybe Hector has lived in the same place since he and Sam dated?) Pris is pretty pissed. She reiterates how Hector has ruined Sam's life by taking away her innocence and all those old wounds have been reopened since she saw him at Las Olas. Hector is pretty cynical throughout the entire conversation insisting that he didn't want to see Sam and that she has turned into a cold hearted bitch like her Mom. We find out that Hector was much older than Sam when they were together (Pris. threw around the statutory rape charge and how he could have gone to prison for it).

Hector explains that he never meant to hurt anyone. Priscilla is sure that Hector just got Sam pregnant so he could ride their family's coattails to a better life. Hector bitterly explains that Priscilla doesn't know anything about him, and besides he has suffered too. Priscilla warns him to stay away from Sam and their family or there will be hell to pay. Hector reminds Priscilla of her granddaughter and how he has taken care of her all these years. Uh-oh! Looks like the baby wasn't dead after all. As far as Priscilla is concerned neither Hector nor that wretched baby even exists. Wow, what a heartless thing to say! She thought she explained all that way back when. Hector points out that Priscilla turned her daughter sour and that was the only way that Sam could turn her back on her infant child like that. Wait a minute! Backup sir! Sam thinks the baby is dead, oh but wait Hector doesn't know that and Pris. isn't mentioning that. A little baby brokering going on? As Pris. warns Hector to stay away again, Caitlin walks right in the front door! Uh oh!

On the Shady Marlin, Nick looks at the ultrasound photo again (I always thought it looked like an alien, not a baby) and daydreams. Back in Brooke's office, she looks at the engagement ring and daydreams as well. No! Not another daydream with one of Jack Wagner's songs! I swear if I daydreamed at school as much as these people do I'd never get anything done! This time it's the most recent song Nick sang for Brooke entitled "Bring it on." No, not that cheesy cheerleading movie, a song by Jack Wagner. This time the dream on a cloudy day at the beach and the marina. Brooke isn't wearing white pants this time, praise da Lord. Wow, a balloon artist! Oh look a pier! A ribbon twirler! Any mimes? Nah, not this time. Then, a pedal boat ride.

Yay! Later, somewhere a nice dinner where Brooke loses her blouse! Thank God it's over. Brooke smiles to herself. She wonders aloud if this is her future. Bad daydreams and repetitive music? Oh boy!

Have a great night!

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