B&B Tuesday Update 4/6/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/6/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Well folks, today we begin right off the bat with a disgusting scene featuring Darla and Thorne. Apparently, they are an official couple now, and just finishing up with a morning romp. I’m pretty sure that they were talking about Sally and Massimo’s impending proposition and what it all means. I heard Darla say something about her hoping that Sal doesn’t get her hopes up about nothing, but to tell you the truth, I couldn’t hear much of what was going on because of my vomiting over the true ugg that is Thorne and Darla as a couple.

Anyways, speaking of good old red, Sally Spectra is up at Marnoe Industries as happy as a clam to discuss her taking over Logan Designs and re-establishing Spectra Fashions. Mass tells his buddy to take a time out; giving her back Spectra wasn’t on the plate.

“I want you to take over as CEO while Brooke is on maternity leave,” he points out. Well, that sure pissed Sally off. There is no way on God’s green Earth that she’ll play sloppy seconds to the Brookester. Sally tells her Mo Jo, AKA Massimo the ass man this and a few other angry sentiments before she storms out in a huff.

After her unsuccessful meeting with Mass, Sally bops over to Beach House Number One, the home of Thorne and dim-witted Darla to vent.

Darla in her ever mindless state of existence thinks that Massimo’s offer was very generous. Sally comments that Logan Designs wouldn’t be such a notch in Mass’ belt if it goes belly up. (Apparently the company hasn’t been doing all too well since Ridge left, as we found out yesterday.) Well, that gives Sally and idea. She rings Mass up on her cell phone right then and there and tells him that she’s reconsidered his offer and she’d love to fill in for the Brookester. After Mass joyously agrees to make it so, Sally hangs up and says aloud to herself and Darla: “Yeah, I’ll run your company for you; I’ll run it right into the ground.”

Over at guest house number two in Forrester Fort One, Priscilla Kelly has decided to stop in and check on her beloved daughter Samantha.

Well, sweet Sammy isn’t in such a sweet mood; she’s still bummed about her impromptu encounter with Hector. Well, Pissy Priscilla is might pissed that Sammy saw Hector, and even more perturbed that Sam still apparently has feelings for him. “You need to stay away from that man; he almost ruined your life,” she advises Sam. Sammy just wishes that she could understand Hector’s behavior and why he was so mean and cold to her. She reminds her mother about how he had never called or written back to her after she got shipped out to NY, thus making Sam wonder if Hector ever really cared about her at all. Well, Priscilla sees to it to continue to drive that home into Sammy’s head; that Hector was an ass that she’s lucky to no longer be associated with.

Down at Hector’s house, Amber has stopped in to tell him about the apartment that she found all by herself and about how excited she is get back up on her feet. But, in between Amber’s obnoxious blabbering, she notices that Hector’s attitude doesn’t seem all too up to snuff. When Amber correctly guesses that the source of Hector’s displeasure is his run in with Sam, she gets him to open up a tad about his problems.

Hector tells Amber about how much he cared for Sam, and didn’t understand why she just cut him out of her life; “She never called or wrote, and I even flew out to see her and she refused to see him. Amber doesn’t think that that behavior rings true with what she knows of Sam. Well, Hector thinks that the only possible explanation for Sam’s attitude change was her bitch of a mother Pissy Priscilla. He gives Amber the low down and what an awful woman Priscilla is and about how she tried and probably succeeded in molding Sammy to be just like her. “It’s probably a good thing that I don’t know Sam now,” he says. Well, a little while later, I’m assuming that Amber has left mind you, Hector is out by his fridge. Right as he looks at a picture of Caitlin taped to the front of the fridge; there is a knock at his door. Who is it but Pissy Priscilla in the flesh! “Priscilla, right on cue,” Hector observes as the queen waltzes in.

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