B&B Monday Update 4/5/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/5/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Today we begin down at the Marone Mansion with Clark stopping on by to have a visit with the one and only Massimo the ass man. Clark kisses ass a bit by giving Mass some cigars and sweet talking about how Brooke is long deserving of a great maternity leave. “I think that I should take over as intern CEO of Logan Designs,” Clark finally blurts out after beating around the bush. Clark attempts to sell himself by reminding Mass about all of the years he’s put into the company and about how he’d be the best choice. Well, Mass certainly disagrees. “You don’t have the numbers Clark. Ever since Ridge has left the company as head designer and you took over, our sales have been tanking.” Massimo adds further insult to injury by telling Clark that he should be focusing on making his designs better instead of day dreaming about becoming the CEO. “Besides, I have my own plan in mind,” Massimo says after making sure that Clark gets his point.

Over at Sally’s apartment, Thorne and Darla have popped in to say hello after some little lame movie date. When they open the door, they find our favorite red head covered with paint; the living room resembling an art space instead of a...well, living room. Sally tells the pair that she’s found a new passion; modern art. After dim witted Darla totally misses the point of Sally’s master piece, Sally finally admits that this just isn’t her; she can’t replace painting with what she really loves: Spectra Fashions. Thorne and Darla listen as Sal rambles on about how she wants her company back oh so badly and knows that if by some stroke of good luck she did get it back, she would make it work. Thorne just isn’t so sure that it would even be possible for Sally to get Spectra back. “Massimo isn’t really in the habit of handing out companies,” he reminds his ex-mommy-in-law. Just then, the phone rings. It’s Massimo the Ass Man himself! After Sal picks up the phone, Massimo wants to make sure that he’s speaking to the former CEO of Spectra Fashions. Well, Sally is tickled pink already after hearing the name of her company from Mass’ lips. “I have a business proposition for you Sally,” he says before making a date to meet with her tomorrow. After Sally hangs up the phone, she is all a twitter. “I think this could be the miracle I’ve been waiting for!” she exclaims to Thorne and Darla as they all beam from excitement.

Across town at Forrester Fort Two, the Ridge Forrester family is continuing their little birthday celebration, but now with the Brookester in attendance. The twins are now playing with their new cell phones and Brooke and Ridge have whipped theirs out to join in the phone. As everyone sends text messages back and forth, Ridge sends one to the Brookester saying, “I miss you.” (Ok, I will give Bridge credit... it was cute.) Anyways, Brooke mopes about telling the kids how sorry she is that she isn’t playing the role of wife/step-mom that they had originally planned on. One of the Tay-tots tells Brooke to keep her chin up. “We should be thankful for what we have right now instead of dwelling on what could have been.” Brooke agrees, but just wishes that she could be there for them all of the time. Then, the Brookester whips out the two little boxes that she brought with her. Inside are heart shaped necklaces. “They’re two hearts; yours and mine,” Brooke explains to the girls, making sure that they realize that they’ll never be alone. Well, everyone is all just so touched, and the girls all share a big hug with Brooke as Thomas and Ridge look on.

After Ridge has shuffled the trio of tots away, he and the Brooke take a minute alone to chat. Brooke presents Ridge with a small token. “I saw it in the jewelry store and thought of you,” she says as he opens it. “It’s a necklace,” Ridge cleverly observes. (That’s just what he needs, another gaudy necklace). As Brooke helps him fasten it, Ridge notices that she isn’t wearing Nick’s ring. “I’m not ready to take that step yet,” Brooke attempts to explain. Ridge makes a few smart ass remarks about Nick and his guitar and love songs, but Brooke tries to make him see that it isn’t like that. “Don’t take away my sarcasm,” Ridge pleads with a grin, “It’s all I have left.” Well, Brooke thinks that it’s about time for her to shove off. The two stand in the door way for a minute starring at each other. Right as Brooke goes to walk past Ridge; he grabs a hold of her shoulders and pecks her on the lips. Then the two kiss passionately for a bit before Brooke pulls away and officially leaves. As the sweeping epic like mellow-dramatic music kicks into high gear, we’re left with Ridge leaning against the door from the inside, and Brooke standing out side it...oh so heart wrenching. (Isn’t that an exact copy of a Thacy scene from Italy where that music was originally introduced? I THINK SO! *Sorry, I just needed to point that out).

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