B&B Friday Update 4/3/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/3/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Today we begin over at Logan Designs with Brooke looking at her day planner declaring that it is Phoebe and Steffy’s birthdays today. Just as Brooke looks up, Nick comes bopping in wondering why she’s so glum. After some small talk and an invite to dinner o his boat, Brooke tells him about the twins’ b-day and about her debate of whether she should make an appearance or not. “I don’t want to confuse them,” Brooke confesses as she tries to make a decision.

Nick really thinks that Brooke should hop on over to Ridge’s Forrester Fort for at least a little ice cream. “Kid’s aren’t worrying about the distant future; they care about right now,” Nicker-bocker makes Brooke realize. After some more encouraging words about how much the kids really need her, Nick hands Brooke the two gifts that she had wrapped on her desk and sends her on her way to the party.

Down at the Marone Mansion, Deacon and Jackie are still sitting in his kid friendly car, contemplating their kiss. Jacksters reminds Big Bad Deacon that she is a very happily married woman. Deacon says that he knows this, but he just got a little carried away, “You are a very beautiful woman,” he says after saying that he think she enjoyed their little indiscretion just as much as he did. Jackie frets about Massimo the ass man finding out and thinks it best that she and Deacon not see each other any more. Well, Deacon certainly doesn’t want that, and he tries to kiss her again. After Jackie pulls away, Deacon apologizes, stating that he just isn’t ready to let her go. Well, it doesn’t matter what Deacon is ready to do because right then we hear Massimo’s voice calling for Jacksters. Jackie flips out and bolts out of the car, telling Deacon that he better hit the road ASAP.

As Massimo is calling out “Ja-qu-iline”, all of a sudden, Jacksters pops up out of the bushes, telling Mass that she was wandering around looking for him.

Mass isn’t all too keen on her traipsing about the grounds by herself. “Security told me that a car was parked out in front of the gate for a good while,” he explains. Jacksters tells Mass that she saw the car and talked to the driver. “He was terribly lost so I gave him directions; I hope that he got home ok,” Jackie lies. Massimo still isn’t happy with the fact that his precious wife is talking to strangers. Jackie quickly agrees with how careless it was of her to chat with the ‘unknown man’ in attempts to change the subject. “I know that you’re stressed about Nick and Brooke,” Massimo assesses. Jackie admits that that’s the cause for her peculiar moods as of late. Well, Massimo, ever the idealist has the perfect plan to help everyone. He wants to throw a great big sha-bang and publicly announce the pending arrival of ‘BRICK’S SPAWN.’ Jackie thinks that is just a smashing idea and is all behind it. Mass is thinking that it will kill two birds with one stone; not only will it announce the news of the spawn, but it will both solidify BRICK as a couple in the eyes of the public, but in Ridge’s eyes as well, thus forcing him to move on. Jackie isn’t sure if that is the best of brain storms. “Ridge would never come to an event celebrating a union between Brooke and Nicky officially calling them a couple,” Jacksters thinks. Oh, but Mass has a solution to that problem. He’s not going to tell Ridge what the party is for! Well, Jackie is a little leery on this brainstorm, but of course, anything to make Massimo the ass man happy.

Just then, Nicker-bocker stops in to say hey to his mom and pop. Massimo is all a twitter and can’t wait to tell Nick and the Brookester about his party plans. Nick tells his parents that Brooke is over at Ridge’s tonight helping to celebrate the twin Tay-tot’s birthday. Jackie is aghast that Nicky would encourage such a thing. “You don’t want to give the kids false hopes,” she states. Nick tells her to loosen up and take a time out; after all, it’s the kids’ birthdays and they need Brooke, especially since they don’t have a mother. “These kids have been through the wringer,” Nick says. Massimo and eventually Jacksters do see where he’s coming from.

Well, friends, every party has a pooper, and the party at Forrester Fort Two is no exception. Young Steffy is all aglow with her new presents and party things, but Phoebe is down in the dumps. (By the way, we have a new set of twins in the roles; they’re younger, and actually resemble Ridge, Thomas, and most importantly... TAYLOR! HORRAY FOR ALMOST ADEQUATE CASTING!) Anyways, Ridge wants to know why his little Tay-tot is so doom and gloom. Well, Phoebe was really hoping that Brooke would be at their party. Ridge tells the kid that the night is still young as Thomas cheers that Brooke would never let them down, but Phoebe is skeptical. “Why don’t you give her a call?” Ridge asks, after suggesting that Brooke might have just gotten tied up at the office and forgot about the special day. “It’s not the same if you have to remind her,” Phoebe says.

After some cake and more whining, Steffy throws some make up on Phoebe, and the little family has a chuckle. Then, Ridge dishes out more presents to the twins; CELL PHONES! (How are these kids who can’t be more then 10 years old getting better cell phones then me...A 20 YEAR OLD ADULT?!) Anyways, the girls are all a flustered as to who to call first. Thomas suggests Brooke. When Phoebe chickens out, Thomas grabs a hold of the cute little phone and dials up the Brookester himself. Brooke answers rather quickly and happy to hear from him. Thomas throws the phone over to Phoebe to tell her to say something, but before the tot can get a word out, the door opens, and in walks Brooke!

As the girls run over to her all so excited, the cheesy ‘let’s be a family’ dramatic music kicks into high gear and hugs are dished out all around.

After Brooke tells the kids about how much she loves them and will always be there fore them, blah blah blah, Ridge shoos them off to heat up pizza and wash off faces, thus giving BRIDGE a second alone. He thanks Brooke for coming on over. “You really saved the day Logan,” he tells her before the two embrace; the twins watching from the other room all a smiles.

Back over at the Marone Mansion, Jackie picks up a picture of she, Mass, Nicky and Brooke and stares at it has her hubby and son chat by the fire place. “Brooke, enjoy tonight with your old family,” she says to herself, “Because tomorrow you’ll be her with us, where you belong.”

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