B&B Thursday Update 4/2/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/2/04

By Space Bug           
Pictures by Boo

Today, we learn that the past year and a half of B&B has all been a dream! Sally still owns Spectra. Taylor is still alive and married to Ridge. Brooke is still banging Deacon. Bridget is still played by JF and is now married to Ozzy. Oh, and best of all... Thorne never slept with Darla, and Macy never had cancer; meaning there was no hysterectomy, and she and Thorne are proud parents of the true Forrester heir, their little baby son.



Today we begin at the Marone Mansion. Massimo and Jackie are just oh so giddy at the thought of Brooke possibly saying yes to Nicker-bockers proposal; they just don’t know how she could resist. The two love birds have a chat about how Massimo has really accepted Brooke...blah blah blah. Then Jackie’s cell phone rings. It’s big bad Deacon; he’s sitting in his car at the edge of her drive way and wants her to come and meet him in two shakes; otherwise, he’s gonna come up to the house.

Jackie lies her way away from Massimo and goes to meet Deacon. In Mr. Sharpe's kid-friendly SUV, he tells Jackie about how he saw Nick’s little performance for Brooke. Jackie is just bursting to find out how Brooke took the song. “What did she say?” “Before or after he kissed her?” Deacon wants to know. Now Jacksters is all a twitter. “Oh thank you so much Deacon!” she screeches as she holds his hand. The two kind of sit in silence for a minute, realizing the intimacy in the hand holding gesture.

Deacon breaks the ice by saying that Nick has a real shot with The Brookester. “I’ve never seen anyone hold a candle to Ridge in her eyes, and I think that Nick might have just eclipsed him.” Well, that comments sure made Mrs. Marone happy. After Deacon says that he wouldn’t mind Nick raising Hope for him and makes a comment about fate throwing two people together, he lands a wet sloppy kiss on Jacksters Marone. Jackie pulls away, slightly alarmed. Deacon just glances back with that coy look of his.

Up at Marone Industries, Thomas and Ridge have a father son sit down about Caitlin and her over protected papa. Thomas tells Ridge that her dad’s name is Hector Romariez (sp) and Ridge does remember way back when that he was a freshman who played soccer from across town.

Ridge however has no idea why he would hate the Forrester clan though. Ridge warns his boy not to over step his place though. “Remember, this is between Caitlin and her father,” he warns.

Down at Las Ola’s, Amber and Hector are still chit chatting. Sammy is sitting on the other side of the room. She looks up at them, and then shakes her head in the ‘it can’t be that person’ kind of way. After Hector goes back up to the bar for a re-fill, Sam approaches Amber and tells her how sorry she is about the fire. Amber tells sweet Sammy about the ever so wonderful fireman that saved her life. “He sure sounds like a hero,” Sammy says. “Well, you can tell him yourself,” Amber says, “Cause he’s standing right behind you.”

When Sammy turns around to face the studdly fireman, she drops her glass. Apparently the two know each other! Sammy genially seems happy to see him. Hector isn’t though, that’s for sure and really tells her off. “It would have been better if we never saw each other. Stay away from us!”

Hector yells. Sammy tells him that she doesn’t understand why he’s so angry; especially over the ‘us’ part. “You wouldn’t understand,” Hector says slyly. Poor sweet Sammy leaves the restaurant in tears.

Back at Hector’s house, Amber wants to know what his big beef was with Sam. Finally Amber, ever the quick realizes that Sammy was the rich girl who broke his heart way back when. “Why are you still so upset about it now?” she wonders. Hector tells her his sob story about how the Kelly’s hated him and didn’t want to see their precious princess tied down to the likes of him. “But what they gave up, they’ll never get back,” he says defiantly. (INTERESTING! *If you have pieced together what’s going on, then remember: I CALLED THIS OVER A MONTH AGO!). Hector attempts to explain to Amber that he can’t get into this with her, and then kind of wonders how she knows Samantha. “We’re sort of colleagues,” Amber says, “I’m a designer.” “Where?” Hector wonders, afraid to ask. “At Forrester’s of course. I thought that the last name would have given it away,” Amber says. “Amber Forrester,” Hector says aloud...now he gets it, and REALLY REALLY REALLY can’t get into this with her.

Over at guest house number two at Forrester Fort One, poor Sammy takes out an old pic of her and Hector from the good old days as she cries by the fire. She throws the picture onto the flames, but before it is completely burned, she pulls it off and clutches it, sobbing.

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