B&B Wednesday Update 4/1/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/1/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Well, today we begin at the Marone Mansion. As Jacksters has her coffee, she chats with Hudson about how wonderful everything will be if Nicker-bocker and the Brookester officially hook up. Apparently Mass informed his chum that Nick had indeed popped the question to Brooke. Jackie tells Brooke about the song that Nicky wrote for his beloved and how he’s going to sing it to her at this very moment at Chuck’s. Hudson wonders if that would be the right atmosphere for Brooke to hear Nick’s little ditty. “It isn’t very romantic,” he observes. Jackie begs to differ. “If Nicky opens up his heart to Brooke, I don’t think that it would matter where they were; she’ll never be able to resist him.”

Speaking of BRICK, they are indeed at Chuck’s and Nick delivers another oh so wonderful performance; this time of JW’s “Bring it on.” After Nick is done he and Brooke have a chat about what he had said in his song. Brooke thinks that his singing is just wonderful, and as usual, Nicker-bocker gets a smile out of Brooke. “I haven’t written music in years and now all of a sudden I’m writing a lot of it; it just feels right,” Nick assesses before kissing Brooke. After the lip-lock, Nick bolts off to take his band out on his boat fishing. After Nick has hit the beaten path, Deacon comes up to give Brooke his two cents.

(Deacon has been standing in the back of the bar the whole time chewing on peanuts, watching BRICK.) Brooke of course isn’t all too thrilled to see her ex-beloved. Deacon makes her listen to what he has to say no matter how she protests. “He’s good for you Brooke,” he states. “Don’t deprive him from being there for his kid.” Brooke tries to get Deacon to shut up, but when does that ever happen? Deacon describes how wonderful it’s been for him to have his son with him now, and while he wishes that he could have the same relationship with Hope, “If I can’t raise her, then I think that Nick would make a great father figure,” Deacon finally gets out. “You don’t know a thing about him,” Brooke snaps back as she gets up to leave. “The only thing that you’ve got in common is the fact that you were both raised by your mothers!” Brooke blasts. Before she gets out of ear shot of Deacon, he makes it very clear that “My mother was no Jackie Marone.” After Brooke storms out, Deacon whips out his cell phone and gives the aforementioned a ring. Jackie is quite disgruntled at the fact that Deacon has phoned her at her humble abode and abruptly hangs up on him. “Well, if she won’t talk to me on the phone, than I guess this will have to be said in person,” Deacon says to himself as he heads on out.

Up at Logan Designs, young Caitlin is not so sure if she’s going to take the internship that sweet Sammy has offered her. Sam and Thomas try very hard to make her see that she totally deserves the position, but Caiters is skeptical. “I earned my position at Forrester; I applied, I wrote and essay,” she states. Thomas doesn’t see why it’s such a big deal that he pulled some strings to get her the new gig. “It matters to me,” Caitlin expresses. Never to fear; Sammy has an idea! She offers to put Caitlin on a trial basis, meaning that she’d be running errands and doing odd jobs; you know, getting a real feel for the position. Caiters finally agrees. “Thank you so much for this opportunity,” Caitlin says to Samantha. “You’re welcome sweet heart,” Sammy replies. (Hmmmm...Interesting choice of words Sam).

After Sammy has left the office, Caitlin wonders to Thomas about how her father will react. “We had a huge fight this morning; I don’t know if he’ll let me work at all.” Thomas tries to help as best he can. “Your dad works 24 hour shifts right? How about you come here when he’s working?” Caiters doesn’t want to lie to her dad anymore, but decides to take Thomas’ advice; at least while she’s at Logan Designs on a trial basis. The two teens just wish they could understand what Hector’s whole beef is about though.

Well, speaking of Hector, Amber has taken him out to Las Olas’ for lunch. The two have a chit chat about his argument with Caitlin earlier. Hector tells Amber that he just doesn’t want his daughter hanging around rich people. “Well, I’ve know some very nice rich people,” Amber says. “Well, I’ve known some pretty mean ones,” Hector counters. Then he brings up the issue of ‘the boy’. “I just don’t want to see her get hurt,” Hector explains. “So, a rich girl broke your heart,” Amber assumes. “That was a very long time ago,” Hector declares. “Then why do you still let it bother you?” Amber wonders. “That part of my life is over. I thought that we had something special, but it wasn’t special to her. I hope that I never have to see her again for the rest of my life,” Hector proclaims before adding that he’s seeing the same things going on between Caiters and ‘the boy’ that he had felt with his mystery woman. Right then, sweet Samantha enters the restaurant. (INTERESTING!)

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