B&B Tuesday Update 3/30/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/30/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

We start today off down at Chuck’s bar; Jackie has just entered and is disturbed to find her precious Nicky there right smack dab in the middle of the afternoon. Apparently, Jacksters thinks that Nicker-bocker has gone to drown his sorrows after Brooke’s rejection of his proposal. Nick however explains to his mommy that he’s going to attempt to get through to Brooke a different way; by song. Well, Jackie just thinks that that’s wonderful, but Brooke won’t hear what he has to say if she doesn’t get down there. With some coaxing, Nicky phones the Brookester.

Speaking of the Brookester, she is entering her office right as Massimo is changing the name plate on her door from “Brooke Logan Forrester”, to “Brooke Logan.” Mass the ass man has a little sit down with Brooke; the topic—Nick’s proposal.

Mass just wants Brooke to give Nick a chance. “I know that you’ll never love him like Ridge,” Massimo admits, “But every relationship is different.” Brooke hears what he’s saying, but she just doesn’t think that marrying Nick will solve everyone’s problems. Well, Massimo thinks that besides accepting Niker-bocker’s proposal, Brooke should go on a little vacation with him. “You two need to get away from all of this craziness,” Mass assesses. Well, that’s a no go with Brooke as well; she’s too busy. “I really do hate what this is doing to your family,” Brooke expresses to Mass. Massimo is just so proud of her. “You really have changed; you’ve developed this sense of maturity,” Massimo declares. “And you’ve helped Nick to do the same; to open up and express himself.” Well, speaking of Nick, that’s right when Brooke’s office phone rings. Nick wants his pregnant wanna-be with to head on down to the bar for a minute. After some coaxing from Massimo, Brooke agrees. “Go to the father of your child,” Massimo urges.

Once at the bar, Nick ushers the Brookester in and helps her to grab a seat. Nick apologizes for being a little aggressive the other night. But, Nick has a way to help change Brooke’s mind. “I’m going to tell you how I feel my way,” Nick says, implying that he’s gonna sing. “This one’s for you kid,” he says as he grabs his guitar.

Over at the Marone Mansion, Jackie greets Massimo right as he comes through the door bursting to tell him about Brooke going down to the bar to hear Nicky’s new song. Mass thinks that this song could help Brooke make her final decision; a yes to marrying Nicker-bocker.

Down at Hector’s house, and daughter Caitlin are having a not-so-pleasant breakfast. Hector informs Caiters that he saw her kissing Thomas Forrester. Hector wants Caitlin to stay away from everything and everyone associated with Forrester. Caitlin gets very pissed at her father and storms out. After the door slams, Amber comes on down the stairs; apparently she heard the last tid-bit of the fight. After Jimmy heads out for school, Amber attempts to get Hector to open up about his daughter troubles. Hector fears that he might not be able to save Caitlin from being hurt...*but he doesn’t say by who.

Across town at Logan Designs, Thomas is visiting with Samantha and Clark. He tells the two about Caitlin not being to work at Forrester and about how strict her dad is. Sammy suddenly has a brain storm. She and Clark decide that it would be peachy-keen if Caitlin interned with them at Logan Designs. Once all is decided, Samantha gives Caiters a call, telling her to come on down to her office. Once Caitlin gets there, Sammy again thanks her for the pup, and then offers her the internship at Logan Designs. Caitlin is just tickled pink and oh so thrilled. “Well, you just have the huge fan that keeps going on about you,” Sammy says as Thomas comes out from behind some divider thing in the corner of her office.

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