B&B Monday Update 3/29/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/29/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

FYI:  I missed the first segment before the opening credits today; AMC was just so good I momentarily forgot to hit record for B&B!!

Any who, from what I pieced together, Brooke turned Nick down in his proposal; apparently she’s just not ready to make a decision yet.  As Nick leaves, she lets him feel the baby kick.  “We could have it all Brooke,” Nick declares.  After good old Nicker-bocker hits the road, Brooke walks around holding the ring thinking.  She stops and then has the same family time vision as Nick had when they were on the plane back from Paris; with that damn song playing in the back round!  When Brooke finally comes back to reality, she asks herself aloud if she’s meant to have this life with Nick as she hears his voice repeat, “We could have it all Brooke.”

Over at Deacon’s kid-friendly beach house, I’m guessing that Jackie and Big Bad Deacon’s hug went a little too far (I heard from spoilers that it turned into a kiss) and by judging on how fidgety they both were, that’s what I’m assuming happened.  Any ways, Deacon tells Jackie that she’s a beautiful woman and that she doesn’t deserve this mess.  “Anyone can see that you’re only trying to help your son,” Deacon says, before stating that she’s got him on her side.  Jackie thinks that she better get home to Massimo.  “He is my husband,” she seems to remember.  Before Jackie leaves Deacon’s kid friendly abode, she thanks him...for everything.

Once Jackie finds her way back to her mansion, Nicker-bocker is there waiting for her.  He wants to know where she’s been, but Jackie changes the subject by wanting to know what went down with the Brookester.  Nick informs Jackie that she turned him down flat, but he doesn’t seem all too upset; he still seems somewhat hopeful in fact.  Jackie reminds Nick that Brooke is still a little confused.  Nick tells Jacksters about the baby kicking and just about how utterly blissful his is.  “I want everyone to be happy, especially Brooke.  I know she could be if she’d just let herself.” Nick states.

Down at Hector’s house, Amber has stopped by to say howdy-do.  She thanks him for helping her and for recognizing that she can still have a great life.  When Hector learns that Amber has no place to go, he offers to let her bunk at his house.  Amber seems a little leery about taking the hand out, but the fireman assures her that everyone that lives under his roof has to earn their keep.  After Hector goes to rustle Amber up some grub, he comes back into his living room to find the ex-Forrester-ette all snuggled up on the couch.  Hector covers her up with an afghan and turns out the light.

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