B&B Friday Update 3/26/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/26/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Well, Jackie is just so upset over what she heard outside of Massimo’s office that she has scurried all the way over to beach house number two, (the kid friendly home of a one Mr. Sharpe) to cry on Deacon’s shoulder. Deacon immediately knows that Jacksters’ little secret is starting to get the better of her. Jackie tells Deacon about the absolute horrid things that Ridge and Nick had been saying to one another. She felt especially awful when Ridge accused Nick of stealing Brooke away from him and his children. “I didn’t mean for this to happen!” she cries.

She never meant for Ridge to end up so hurt. And to make it worse, everything that he’s been blaming Nick for is all her fault. Plus, she thinks that Ridge is beginning to suspect her of something. Deacon hears her plight and tells her that the best thing for everyone is that she tell the truth. “I couldn’t possibly!” she screams. “I could lose my marriage over this and Nicky would never speak to me again.” Deacon doesn’t quite know what to say. “No matter what I do, someone will be completely devastated,” Jackie wails. Deacon tries to make it all better by pulling the sobbing Mrs. Marone in for a hug. (Hmmm...Do I smell an affair?)

Over at Marone Industries, Nick and Massimo try to play damage control with their business associates after Ridge’s display. Massimo is mighty pissed that his number one son made such a scene in front of his business men. Nick repeats that he feels for Ridge, but this has gone too far and it needs to be stopped. Nick has made the command decision that he can’t worry about Ridge’s feelings any long.

“It’s time for me to do what I should have done a long time ago,” he declares as he charges out of the office.

Down at Forrester Creations, Ridge stops in to say hey to Eric and to vent to him about the day’s happenings. Eric is amazed that Nick actually proposed to Brooke.

Ridge admits that he’s just beside himself; he doesn’t know what to do anymore. “Every one wants me to give up on Brooke,” he explains to Eric. Then he goes into detail about his fight with Nick. “I probably would have done the same thing,” Eric says when Ridge describes the situation. “You would have almost put your own brother in the hospital?” Ridge wonders. Eric doesn’t think it would have come to that, but Ridge is skeptical. Ridge reminds Eric that all of this happened in front of his business partners. “I made a complete fool out of myself,” he whines.

Eric doesn’t think this is like him at all. “I was just so furious when I found out that Nick proposed to Brooke,” Ridge attempts to justify. “Should I just walk away?” Eric asks Ridge if he could ever do that; live without Brooke. “Look in your heart Ridge. I didn’t bring you up to live half a life!” Eric encourages. Ridge is now revitalized with hope and determination to get the Brookester back. He and Eric share a heart felt embrace.

Well, Nick’s solution to solve everyone’s problems has caused him to prance on over to Brooke’s bungalow. Brooke is relieved to see him. She tells Nicker-bocker about how upset Ridge was when she told him about the proposal. Nick re-tells the not so pretty incident in Massimo’s office to Brooke.

“Is Ridge OK?” she wonders. “Physically he’s fine, but emotionally, he’s a mess,” Nick says. Brooke is completely at a loss; she just doesn’t know what to do. “This needs to stop Brooke,” Nick states, as she agrees. When Nick gets around to saying that marrying him would be the answer; Brooke just isn’t sure. Nicker-bocker then asks the Brookester if she’s seen “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.” Brooke somewhat recalls the Harrison Ford classic. Nick describes the scene where Indy had to make it across the cavern near the end to find the Holy Grail. “But, there was no way across, so he had to take a leap of faith, and there was a BRIDGE there to catch him.” (A BRIDGE....INTERESTING!!!).

“It’s time for you to take that leap of faith Brooke,” Nick says. Then, as his stupid song starts playing in the back round, Nick slides his ring onto Brooke’s finger.

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