B&B Thursday Update 3/25/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/25/04

By Space Bug           
Pictures by Boo

As The Brookester traipses around the living room of Forrester Fort One, Sweet Sammy stops up to show Stephanie her new puppy Annie. Upon Brooke telling Sam that Stephers isn’t at the fort at the moment, Sammy decides to wait around with her. Sam introduces Brooke to her puppy and tells her the woeful story of Pucci’s death, and of how Caitlin and Thomas brought her the new pooch. Brooke is curious about Caitlin; she doesn’t know much about Thomas’ new buddy at all. Sammy says that Thomas has met his match as far as Caiters is concerned. “She really seems like the type of person that one wants to get to know better.” (VERY INTERESTING.) Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice that Brooke seems a little down in the dumps. Sammy offers her counterpart an ear. Brooke tells Sam about Nick’s proposal and Ridge’s freak-out and the fact that she hasn’t a clue about what she’s going to do. Sammy admits that Brooke is in quite a pickle, but that she needs to remember to keep her child’s needs above all other. “Don’t worry about Ridge’s feelings, or his family’s; focus on your baby,” Sammy urges. Brooke points out to Sammy that she knows how she feels about him. “I’m assuming that if Nick and I did sail off into the sunset, you’d be right there to help Ridge pick up the pieces.”

“Only as a friend,” Sammy replies sincerely. “I know his feelings for you, and there’s no replacing that,” she consoles. Brooke seems to think that Sammy is speaking from experience. “Every life has its struggles,” she says wisely, “And you get through it.” Brooke seems to have a newly restored sense of focus. “I can handle this,” she says proudly. “But no matter how hard it will be for me, it will be even worse for Ridge.”

Speaking of Ridge, he and Nick are still duking it out with Mass playing ref over at Marone Industries. (Jackie is still listening from behind the door.) We pretty much have a complete re-hatch of word for word what was shouted by the brothers yesterday. Ridge: “You proposed to my wife!” Nick: “She’s not your wife anymore” Massimo: “Ridge, get over it.” *We all get the point right? Well, Ridge now seems to think that Massimo is taking sides. “Everything has been messed up since Nick and Jackie came into our lives!” Ridge bellows.

Well, now Mass is slightly perturbed that Ridge has brought up his precious Jacksters. Massimo urges Ridge to remember that blood is thicker than water; you choose family above all else. “Nothing will make me give up on Brooke!” Ridge screams. Nick tries to make Ridge see reason. “I’m doing this for my child, so that he can have the upbringing that I never had. Can you look me in the eye and tell me that it’s wrong to try to give my kid what you have given yours?” he asks pleadingly. Well, that shut Ridge up. He glares back at Nick, and then scurries out of the office. Once in the hallway, Ridge sees Jackie standing there. He shoots her a glare that would freeze hell over before shaking his head and walking out. Jackie looks ever so shaken up.

Over at the Insomnia, Thomas and Caitlin gush about what a great deed they did for Sam. Caiters just thinks that Sammy is oh so swell. (INTERESTING!) Then the two start talking about Thomas’ family issues and about how even though no one could ever replace his mother, (AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT!), Brooke was just so special.

Caitlin chimes in saying that no one will ever replace Brooke either, but maybe his dad could find someone new. “What about Sam?” she asks. Thomas agrees that Sam is great, but that there’s nothing going on between her and Ridge. “The girls really do like her, and they do need a mother right now,” Thomas comments. Caitlin thinks that Sammy would make a wonderful mother. (VERY INTERESTING).

Down at Caitlin’s house, Hector and Jimmy are talking about young Amber’s rescue. Jimmy thinks that his adoptive dad is so stellar in that he saves his life for people everyday. Hector of course remains humble about it all. Then the two talk about Caitlin. Jimmy comments that he met Thomas today. Hector seems a little uneasy that Thomas has been hanging around. Jimmy says that he thinks that he’s a swell guy. “He and Caitlin took a puppy over to a friend of his at his grand-dad’s house,” Jimmy informs. Hector seems a little perturbed. “She went to the Forrester house,” he mummers a little pissed.

Now Caitlin and Thomas are standing on her front porch acting all twitter-paited. They sheepishly gush to one another about how much they like each other and who’s gonna call the other first...all of that nauseium. Caitlin comments that they do need to be careful. “If I get grounded, I won’t be able to see you anymore,” she warns. “I would hate that,” Thomas says. Then, the two have their first kiss...OH HOW SWEET...not really. After the two decide that that was enough tongue-hockey for one day, Thomas heads on home. As Caitlin is standing on the porch recovering form the kiss, we see Hector peeping out through the window. (Was he watching the whole time? Did he see the smooch? ... Actually, I was paying to close attention to Thomas and Caitlin to notice, and I’m a combination of too lazy and not caring enough to rewind the tape to see.)

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