B&B Wednesday Update 3/24/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/24/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Right back where we left off at Forrester Fort One, Ridge is still dumbfounded and amazed that Brooke is even considering Nick’s proposal.

“You can’t be serious!” he says as Brooke tries to make him understand. The Brookester pleads that she doesn’t want to hurt Ridge anymore. “But marring Nick is not the answer!” Ridge bellows. “Do you have a better one?” Brooke wonders. Of course Ridge does! He still thinks that he and Brooke can raise the spawn together. That’s still a no go in Brooke’s book; none of her children have grown up with their fathers around and she’s not going to let that be the same for her new little son. “I have to break this cycle!”

Brooke attempts to reason. Ridge accuses Brooke of living in a fantasy land. The Brookester hold’s up Nick’s ring, trying to make Ridge get it. “This, THIS is reality,” Brooke whimpers. Ridge grabs the ring from her hand, pleading her to not give up on them. “Well, if you won’t listen to me, I’ll go and talk to someone who will!” Ridge yells as he scurries out of the door. Brooke calls for him to come back, but of course she doesn’t and she’s left sniveling on the doorstep of the big Forrester Fort.

Still in Nick’s office over at Marone Industries, Stephanie meets up with Jackie. (The mother of the year was looking for her precious Nicky to take to lunch.) Stephers thinks that Jackie wants to celebrate Nick’s proposal to Brooke. When good old Steph realizes that Jackie doesn’t know yet, she informs her that Nicker-bocker did indeed propose to the Brookester.

“Oh that’s wonderful!” Jacksters shouts with glee. Stephanie agrees. Jackie is slightly taken aback by Stephanie’s support of BRICK. “I think that it will be the best for everyone involved,” Stephanie says. Jacksters of course agrees. “But this must be hard on Ridge,” she wonders aloud, “Do you think that he’ll ever accept this?” Stephanie believes that in time, her number one son will have to accept that the BRIDGE is no more, but she does forewarn that, “Things are going to get a heck of a lot worse before they get better.”

Down the hall and in Massimo’s office, Nicker-bocker is all a twitter as he waits for their pending board meeting to begin. Massimo wonders what’s got his number two son in such a tizzy. “I proposed to Brooke,” Nick tells his pop. Massimo is just as pleased as punch. “You’re going to make an excellent husband and pop,” he tells his boy. Then, Mass the ass man wonders if Ridge knows yet. Nick doesn’t think so; he’s planning on telling him after the meeting.

Speaking of meetings, this one begins after Massimo’s business fogies come traipsing in. As Mass rambles about shipping info that we don’t care about, Ridge comes barging in. “You’re late,” Massimo observes of his number one son. “I was picking up after my little brother!” Ridge proclaims.

“You forgot this!” he yells to Nick as he slams the ring down on the table. Well, them be fighting words to Nick, and gets up and it looks like the boys are gonna go right at it then and there. Massimo embarrassingly shuffles his business buddies out after yelling at his sons that this isn’t the time or the place. Once their gone, the real yelling begins. (Oh, by the way, Jacksters in now listening to this whole party from behind the door...she’s good at that). Ridge screams that Nick proposed to his wife and he’s mighty pissed about that. “She’s not your wife any more!” Nick yells back. Massimo tries to keep the peace, but what’s an umbrella in a typhoon? “Just a month ago, Brooke was my wife!” Ridge counters. Massimo bombs that that was a whole month ago! (Damn Ridge, keep up with your plot here!) Ridge accuses Nick of wanting to conspire to break up his marriage to Brooke from the beginning. “It’s what you wanted ever since you met her!” he booms. “If you really respected my marriage, you’d be in Hong Kong right now!” “I’m having a child with Brooke,” Nick reminds his brother coolly. Well, that didn’t go over well. “You have proposed to Brooke and are going to have a child with her. How did you end up with everything that I wanted; every thing that was mine. There is something seriously wrong here!” Ridge roars. Jackie looks petrified from outside in the hallway.

Back over at Forrester Fort One, Stephers returns home to find Brooke still in her living room. Brooke whines about all that happened with Ridge and how she tried to get through to him, but he just wouldn’t listen to her. “I think he’s gone to see Nick and he took the ring,” she cries. Stephanie tells Brooke to simmer down. “All of this stress isn’t good for the baby.” Brooke just doesn’t know what to do. “I’ll take care of Ridge,” Stephanie reassures Brooke as she hugs her.

*And on to the BEST part of the show!

Still on the grounds of Forrester Fort One, just at guest house number two, Thomas and Caitlin are awaiting to see Sammy’s reaction to the new pup. “We hope it isn’t too soon,” they say. Sam wants to know where the little pooch came from. “My brother,” Caiters replies, “he found a litter of strays.” Sam thinks that the puppy seems a little young to be away from its mother. “She doesn’t have a mom,” Caitlin informs sweet Sammy. “She needs your help,” the teens chime in together. Sammy seems to think that perhaps they could help each other. After Sammy decides to keep the dog, (which was apparent form the moment she saw it), Thomas introduces her to Caitlin. After some small talk, we learn that Caitlin is in the public school district. While it is presumed that Sammy went to the same academy as Thomas, she hints that she always had a thing for the public school boys. (INTERESTING).

Any who, Thomas thinks that it’s time for the pup to get a name. After a few bad suggestions from him, Caitlin comes up with Annie. “After orphan Annie,” she says. (EVEN MORE INTERESTING.) Sammy thinks that that is perfect.

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