B&B Tuesday Update 3/23/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/23/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

*Oh, yeah, I guess that there was a show on today

Alright, well, over at Forrester Fort One, Ridge demands Brooke to tell him what went down on the island. Stephanie takes that as her cue to hit the road and to let BRIDGE discuss matters in private. After Stephers is gone, we go for round 67 of “Ridge, I want you but I can’t have you,”/ “Logan we belong together and even though I got the annulment papers I didn’t want to end our marriage”. YAWN!! Ridge wants to know why Brooke even went to the island to begin with.

“I needed an escape,” the Brookester replies. “An escape from what? ME?” Ridge questions. Brooke doesn’t deny it. Ridge just doesn’t understand. Brooke goes on to whine that she can’t keep doing this to herself; she needs to move on with her life just like Ridge needs to keep going with his. Then she shows him the ring and adds that it may be the only answer for everyone. “Are you out of your mind?!” Ridge screams in utter disbelief that Brooke is even considering Nick’s proposal. Brooke doesn’t think that it would be the worst thing in the world for her to do; she especially doesn’t think that it’s fair that she deprives her child the right to know its father. Ridge is just dumbfounded. He thought that Nick was just being delusional as he set up his penthouse for the pending arrival of the spawn and the Brookester. Brooke then adds insult to injury by informing Ridge that Stephanie urged her to accept Nick’s proposal.

Well, now Ridge is just a tad irate. “It isn’t her place!” he roars. Brooke defends Stephers’ stance; she’s just looking out for her son, the same way that Brooke is trying to do. “Stephanie, Rick, Jackie; they’re all proud of me, and they think that I deserve this,” Brooke tells Ridge. “I need to let you go. What, do you think we’ll just pine after each other for the next 20 years until my son is grown?” she wonders. Ridge’s eyes are huge and wild with utter shock.

After Stephanie traipsed out of her Forrester Fort, she bopped along over to Marone Industries to say howdy-do to Nicker-Bocker. She informs the captain that Brooke told her about his proposal and that frankly, she thinks that it’s a grand idea. “But, Ridge is with her right now,” she foreworns. “Oh good God!” Nick yells. He just wishes that Ridge would let Brooke alone for once; it’s over. “He is going to flip out when he finds out about this proposal,” Nick tells Stephanie.

“Oh, he probably will, but he’ll get over it; he has to,” Stephanie assesses. What ever happens, Nick is mighty glad that he has her support. “You’re starting to sound like young Rick,” Nicker-bocker comments to the Forrester Matriarch. Stephanie is quite taken a back when Nick informs her that Rick visited him and pretty much said ‘go get Brooke.’ “He’s usually very protective of his mother,” she tells Nick as she takes a moment to process the information. Nick says that it really struck him about how adamant Rick was about having the spawn being raised with his natural father. Stephanie comments on how tough it was on both Rick and Bridget not having Eric with them 24/7.

Down at Caitlin’s house, she and her brother Jimmy are playing with his puppies. Just then, young Thomas comes a knocking at the door with some dog biscuits.

Caiters introduces the two, and as they crouch down to play with the puppies, we have session three about what a great guy Hector is. Jimmy expresses just how grateful he is that Hector the great took him in when his parents were killed. Thomas agrees that he’s a great guy, but that the kind fireman isn’t his biggest fan. Jimmy says that he’ll get over it; “It’s just because you’re dating his Caitie,” he giggles. Of course the young budding love birds adamantly deny that they are ‘dating’. Upon Jimmy telling Thomas that he’s gotta find a new home for the puppies, the young Forrester Stud gets a brain storm. “Grab the sweetest one and follow me,” he orders. Caiters grabs a pooch and is out the door in two seconds flat.

Back over at Forrester Fort One, but this time in guest house number two, Eric stops in to check on Sammy and to give her a latte. Sammy misses her precious Pucci oh so much.

Then she goes into how much she misses her little girl; how much she wanted to be a mother to her, “The type of mother that I wish I had,” she cries. Eric offers Sweet Sammy a shoulder as she vents out that Pucci was the one thing that she could always count on. Then she starts talking about the father of her baby. “He asked me to marry him, and told me that we’d be together and be a family, but after we moved away, we lost touch and I never heard from him again.”

Eric reminds Sammy that she’s still got a bright future ahead of her, and that he and Stephanie will be there to help her every step of the way. “You’re not alone, remember,” he implores.

After Eric hits the road, Sammy gets another knock at her door. When she finds Thomas at her door step, she tells him that she’s not really in the mood for company. “I’ve got a surprise for you,” he grins. “I’m not really in the mood,” Sammy sighs. Thomas isn’t taking no for an answer. “Close your eyes!” he says.

Sammy annoyingly follows his commands, and when she opens her eyes, there is Caitlin standing in front of her with the puppy. “It’s a baby who needs a new mommy,” she says and hands Sammy the dog. Sammy’s whole face lights up as she smiles at the tiny pooch. *that was the best part of the whole show.

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