B&B Monday Update 3/22/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/22/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Up at Nick’s pent house, the chipper sailor is playing with his happy clam shell as he thinks back to pleasant thoughts of him and Brooke on the island the first time and of when she told him that she kinda loved him, and he played up the sea as his great love. But, happiness doesn’t last long in LA, no sir-ee-bob; for that grin is wiped right off of Nicker-bocker’s face as Ridge comes storming in. And boy oh boy is he pissed! Ridge starts screaming about Nick taking Brooke to the island last night and accuses him of doing all of this “BS” to get Brooke into his bed. “That’s what you really want, isn’t it Nick? My wife in your bed!” Ridge roars. Nick pleads to his brother that it isn’t like that, but he gets might fed up of being rational himself and goes on the offensive. “She needed some fun! I’m trying to get her out of this box that you have been living in for years!” the little brother yells back.

Ridge fires back that he and Brooke were happy and that they had it all, that is until Nick and his “little captain” got involved. Nick rather loudly informs his big bro that BRIDGE never brought either one of them any happiness at all. Then, Nicker-bocker calms down a bit and attempts to express to Ridge how much their feud is tearing him apart. “We’re brothers Forrester,” he reminds Ridge. “I will NEVER accept you and Brooke!” Ridge hollers. “Well, after last night you might just have to,” Nick snaps. “What happened on that island?!” Ridge demands. When Nick doesn’t answer, Ridge storms out in about the same manner that he stormed in.

Right smack dab in Brooke’s office, Jackie and Deacon go for round 46 of “I’m gonna tell Brooke”, “Oh, please don’t”. (YAWN!!!!) Deacon seems dead set in his decision to spill the beans; after all, he’s got nothing left to lose. Apparently, Big Bad Deacon is still reeling from his insult-filled meeting with Massimo.

Jackie admits that diplomacy isn’t one of her husband’s strong points, but that Deacon shouldn’t give up. “I saw potential in you,” Jacksters tells the big bad dude. Deacon ain’t buying Jackie’s BS. “You’ll say anything to keep my mouth shut,” he slyly snaps. After Jackie whines about how Deacon could destroy her family, she delivers a rather low blow. “As I understand it,” Jackie states, “Your wife MACY was the only person who ever truly believed in you.” Now Deacon’s pissed. “What’s your point?” he asks. Jackie pleads that she believes in him also. Jackie goes on to say that with the power that Deacon has over her, he could make her give him anything that he wants. “You asked me for an opportunity,” she tells him, “which tells me an awful lot about you.”

Deacon doesn’t think that the wife of Massimo Marone has anything in common with his Big Bad ass. Oh, contraire, Jacksters informs him. “I wasn’t always Mrs. Massimo Marone,” she reminds him before giving him her sob story of no money and no one believing in her. “I had to make people see me,” Jackie tells Deacon. “Either you really do believe in me, or you just pulled an amazing con,” Dea-CON mutters. “Come on, let’s get out of her,” he says before escorting a very confused Jackie out of the Brookester’s office.

Well, speaking of the Brookester, she has hopped over to Forrester Fort One to pay good old Stephanie a visit. She tells her new buddy about that great evening that she had with Nicker-bocker on the island. “It sounds like Nick had you on the right track,” Stephers comments. Brooke agrees, that is until his track involved them going to the alter.

Brooke then pulls out the ring, “Nick asked me to marry him.” At first, Stephanie doesn’t quit no what to think. She understands that Brooke is torn because she is still holding out for Ridge. “I know that you still think that this baby is Ridge’s, but it isn’t, and you need to move on from that,” she advises Brooke. “I know, you’re right,” Brooke agrees, “But could it still be possible that we could get back together? I mean, look at you and Eric,” Brooke whines. Stephanie just shakes her head. “You need to think about raising your child,” she reminds the Brookester. Brooke agrees. “I will raise my child on my own,” she states as she decides to give Nick back his ring. “Now Brooke, we both know that you’ve never wanted to spend your life alone,” Stephers assesses. Brooke agrees, but she’s just not sure if she loves Nick with more than just friendship.

Stephanie tells Brooke that she thinks that Nick is a pretty A-OK guy and that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if she allowed him to love and cherish her. “Isn’t that what we all want anyways?” she wonders aloud. Brooke agrees, but she still doesn’t want to hurt Ridge. “Sure, he will be hurt,” Stephanie agrees, “But life goes on, and he’ll eventually learn to live with it. After all, maybe you’ll learn to love Nick as much as you love Ridge; perhaps even more.” “NO WAY,” Brooke adamantly states. After some more persuasion, Stephanie flat out tells Brooke that she thinks that she should accept Nick’s proposal.

But, just before we can hear Brooke’s opinion on this, Ridge comes flying into the Forrester Fort like a bat out of hell. “Logan, I need to know what happened on that island last night!” he pleads.

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