B&B Wednesday Update 3/17/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/17/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo


Over at Marone Industries today, Deacon has stopped by to have a chat with Massimo, but before the ass man arrives, big bad Deacon has another hostile conversation with Jackie. He wants her to essentially pull some strings and use her influence to get a job at Marone. Jacksters isn’t so sure any more if Deacon will get any where with Massimo. “You know how it feels about you,” she reminds Mr. Sharpe. “Well, Jackie, it looks like you’re gonna go back on your word,” Deacon assesses. Jackie again goes into begging mood and pleads with Deacon to not spill the beans to Brooke about the spawn. Just then, Massimo comes bopping on in wanting to know what the devil Deacon is doing there. “I just want to take a minute of your time,” Deacon replies before going on about all of his many talents that he can bring to Marone Enterprises.

Massimo sneers at his old pal. “Deacon, everyone on my staff has a college degree,” he says. Deacon understands that, but tries to sell Massimo his “hard knocks” diploma instead. Mass doesn’t buy and refuses to give Deacon the time of day. After Massimo leaves, Deacon storms out. Jackie chases after him, attempting to stop him, but she can’t catch him. “I’m gonna tell Brooke the truth. I don’t keep secrets from women that I...I used to care about.”

With in minutes it seems, Big Bad Deacon is at Logan Designs. In Brooke’s office, he runs into his old pal Clark. Clark rather snottily tells Deacon that he better not be looking for a job there. “We all know what happened at Forrester, and believe me, there isn’t a place here for you at Logan.” Deacon assures him that he’s not looking for a job there; he just needs to talk to Brooke.

After Clark hits the road Jackie comes barging into the office and we have argument 14 of why Deacon should or should not tell Brooke the truth...SSSSSNNNNOOOOZZZZZZZZZ

Down at Caitlin’s house, the young designer is designing coats for her puppies in her living room when there is a knock on the door. Who is it but Thomas who has come barring coffee. The two chat about the one and only Hector and how great of a guy he seems to be. The two just can’t put their finger on his hatred of the Forrester clan. “It just seems so weird,” Thomas comments and young Caiters agrees.

Then, the two are interrupted by a phone call from the fire station. Paul...the chief informs Caitlin that her pop has saved yet another victim. Caitlin is just so proud. Then, she shows Thomas a box of puppies that she’s babysitting for her brother Jimmy.

Caitlin explains that Jimmy’s parents died in a fire way back when, so her dad adopted him and he’s been with them ever since. Thomas seems anxious to meet the mystery brother.

Speaking of Hector, he’s at Amber’s hospital room as the Ex-Forresterette awakens. Amber the idiot doesn’t remember what happened at all, so Hector fills her in on the fire and the destruction of all of her belongings.

“But the important thing is that you’re alive,” he tells her. Well, Amber is in no hurry to do back flips. She’s not too keen on having Hector hanging around her bed side and wants him to vamoose pronto. She tells him that she officially has nothing left and that she is a big fat failure.

(Come on, that’s the best that she could do to describe herself?!) “You better get out of here before that failure rubs off on you!” Amber screeches as only Amber can screech. “I’m not going anywhere,” Hector says as he remains right where he is.

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