B&B Tuesday Update 3/16/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/16/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

We open today with a little re-cap of Brooke opening the shell to find the ring in it on the island. “I’m asking you to marry me,” Nick repeats to her. Brooke isn’t so sure of what to think; Nicker-bocker caught her a little bit off guard. Nick then asks the Brookester to look out into the ocean and tell him what she sees. “I can’t see anything; it’s too dark,” Brooke informs him. Nick then makes one of his cheesy metaphors, comparing the ocean to life and love. He tells her that the ocean darkness is just like taking the plunge in a relationship; you don’t know what’s exactly out there. “I don’t want to take that step alone,” Nick coos.

He wants their little mate...AKA, the spawn to be brought into the world with both parents loving him and each other. Then, the ring comes into play. “See the brightest star up there in the sky?” Nicker-bocker asks. “That’s the North Star and sailors have been using it for centuries to guide them. This ring is our North Star; it will be the light at the end of the tunnel. With that, BRICK shares a smooch, and Nick goes to pack up the boat.

Over at Marone head quarters, Jackie is on the phone with Marta. She learns from the housekeeper that Brooke and Nick are on the island. As Ridge opens the door to the office, he hears Jacksters say into the phone that with any luck, BRICK won’t be home till morning.

After she hangs up the phone, Jackie says aloud to herself that she hopes that this will be the most romantic life of Brooke and Nicky’s lives. With that, Ridge makes his presence known, “You would sure love that, wouldn’t you Jackie?” he asks rather pissed. Now we are subjected to watching Ridge and Jackie go at each other for what is about round 4. Jacksters informs Ridge that Brooke has ended their marriage and is trying to move on. “You’re making this so difficult,” she whines. Jackie tells Ridge that she cares about everyone involved, but if Ridge would just leave well enough alone, then everyone would be a lot happier.

“You don’t care about me,” Ridge accuses. “You just see me as an obstacle between Brooke and Nick.” Then things start to get rather nasty. Ridge tells Jackie that he knows what she really is and that he doesn’t think that there is anything that she’d do to get Brooke and Nick together. “I’m on to you two,” Ridge sneers. Then Massimo comes traipsing in. He’s rather pissed as well to find Ridge speaking to his step mommy in this fashion. “Ridge, I told you that you had to accept this!” he yells to his son.

“And I told you that I’d never accept it!” Ridge yells back as he leaves in a huff, slamming the door. After Ridge is gone, Massimo goes over to comfort Jacksters. “Sweet heart, you’re trembling,” he observes. “Why do you let Ridge get to you like this? You have done nothing wrong,” Massimo the ass man tells his wife as he pulls her in for a squeeze.

Over at Forrester Fort Two, Rick has stopped in to have a chat with Ridge, only to find Thomas there instead.

Thomas immediately jumps on his uncle for giving Ridge a hard time about wanting to be with the Brookester. Rick pleads his case by saying that he just wants to see the spawn come into a secure and happy home. “I can’t help thinking that if Amber and I had done that then we would still have Little Eric and he wouldn’t be living with Deacon,” he comments. “You still care about her?” Thomas wonders.

Rick confesses that he’s rather worried about her as the two discuss her leaving Forrester and really going out on her own. “She didn’t take any money in the divorce, and didn’t accept any kind of severance pay. It looks like she’s really growing up,” he observes. “But too late for you two?” Thomas wonders. “Yeah,” Rick replies sadly.

Speaking of Amber, the idiot is still laying on the floor of her burning apartment.

Finally Hector finds her and drags her out right before the ceiling collapses down on them. Once Hector gets her out of the building and onto a gurney, he immediately begins CPR. Within a few seconds, Amber starts sputtering and coughing...she’s A-OK.

Back on the island, as Nick is boat packing, Brooke looks back up to the North Star. “Please guide me to what’s right,” she pleads. At what I’m thinking is supposed to be the same moment, over at Forrester Fort Two, Ridge goes out onto his terrace and looks at...THE SAME STAR. Foreshadowing??? I THINK SO!!

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