B&B Monday Update 3/15/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/15/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Down in guest house number 2 at Forrester Fort One, Ridge has stopped by to check on Sammy.

He hugs his teary-eyed pal and tells her how very sorry he is about her dearly departed Pucci. Sammy tells Ridge that they have more in common than he thinks. “We both know what it’s like to have a child ripped from you,” Sammy tells him. “Well, the circumstances are different, but I do see how Pucci was almost like your baby,” Ridge comments. Sammy realizes that Stephanie hadn’t shared her whole tale of woe with Ridge. “Ridge, I have wanted to tell you this for years,” Sammy begins, “About the real reason why my family left LA.” Sammy continues to tell her old buddy Ridge about how she got knocked up as a teenager and of how her parents trekked across the country to prevent shame from being cast upon their family. “I was practically a prisoner in that town house in New York,” Sammy recalls again.

Then she tells Ridge about how the only positive thing that she had going for her then was that her baby was coming. “Then, after delivery, they told me that there were complications and that my baby girl was still born,” Sammy finishes. Ridge is very sympathetic and some what in shock at this revelation. As Sammy sobs on his shoulder, relieved of the burden of keeping this secret, he holds her with great compassion. (Too much for my taste).

Over in Amber’s apartment, her neighbor bursts into through her door, waking her up to the fact that a fire is raging in her living room. After he leaves her to help evacuate the building, Amber dials 911 on her cell phone...still inside her burning apartment. Finally the brunette idiot decides that it would be a good idea to give her smoke filled lungs a rest by leaving the apartment, but she suddenly remembers the picture album. She goes BACK INSIDE to attempt to salvage it, but a burst of flames throws her back onto the floor and knocks her out cold as the door shuts and locks itself. Down stairs and outside the building, the firemen are here led by the one and only Hector. When Amber’s neighbor doesn’t see the ex-Forrester-ette traipsing about any where, Hector charges up to the apartment.

He hacks the door down with his ax and then peers around the smoke and flame filled space.

Down on Nick’s boat, he and the Brookester have finally found their fun little island. Upon landing on the shore, they are right in the same spot that they were the last time that they were there; the rocks are even still circled up from their old fire.

Nick unpacks a picnic that he had prepared for them, and the two vedge out in the sand. After dessert, the Brookester decides that one more thing would make the evening perfect; guitar music. Would you believe that it just so happened that Nicker-bocker brought his guitar?! Well he did! Brooke pleads to him to play the song that he had written for her. “Only if you sing it with me,” he teases. (Side note: do we all remember when Macy challenged Brooke to karaoke at the Insomnia way back when and TOTALLY KICKED HER ASS? Let’s just say that wasn’t a fluke...I love KKL, but she couldn’t sing then, and she can’t sing now... but kudos for trying). Any who, we are subjected to that damn song YET AGAIN, but this time with the Brookester joining in on the chorus. After their sing along, Nicker-bocker informs Brooke that he has yet another surprise for her. After handing her a sea-shell, she opens it to find a ring inside. “I’m asking you to marry me Brooke?” Nick says. Brooke stares back in shock.

**By the way, for anyone who would like to see Brooke and Macy singing at the Insomnia, check out:
http://videost5.free.fr/videos-chansons.htm Click on the number next to the clip that you want and you can down load and watch on real player over and over again...they are great! The site is in French, but it’s got pictures...you guys can handle it!
***Make sure to check out “The Crush” and “I Will Survive”...they are the Brooke/Macy rivalry at its finest!


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