B&B Friday Update 3/12/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/12/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Over on Nick’s boat, Nicker-bocker is all in a tizzy trying to convince the Brookester that it’s high time she let lose and have fun...with him. “Brooke, I know that you’re a fun person,” he jokes. “Look at all you have to be happy about. You’ve got a beautiful baby boy on the way. Stephanie likes you, Massimo likes you,” Nick laughs. When Brooke finally starts to smirk and smile, Nick flips out with excitement. You haven’t had a chance to smile while you’ve been crying and pinning away at this situation everyday,” Nick reminds her. When the two go back inside the boat, Nick asks Brooke what her favorite time they spent together was. When he suggests their little island adventure, Brooke agrees. “I want to go back to the island,” Nick tells her. Brooke isn’t sure. “Do you remember what you told me on the island,” Nick asks. “That I loved you,” Brooke reminds him, “As a person and as a friend.” “What about as a lover,” Nick asks. Brooke starts to laugh. “Admit it; do you think that we have chemistry?” Nick wonders. “Yes, yes we do,” Brooke agrees. Nick then pleads with her to let them explore their attraction. “Come away with me,” Nick begs. Finally, Brooke agrees, and the two set sail.

Up at Amber’s apartment, Ozzy’s old place, the ex-Forrester-ette is looking at an old photo album of happier days. Then, there is a knock at her door. It’s Rick; he’s come to make sure that she’s alright. Amber whines about how she has had so many chances to make such a wonderful life for her self, but that she has messed all of them up and lost everything. Rick sees no reason why Amber can’t finally make a new start now and make it last. “Look at how much you’ve grown up,” he assess, “If you learn from you’re mistakes, there’ll be no stopping you.” Amber is happy that he came by, but doesn’t want to bring his mood down. After Rick is gone, Amber falls asleep with the album left open to one of their wedding pictures. When the fake brunette rolls over in her sleep in the couch, the album falls off her lap, and knocks over a lit candle, starting a fire.

Down at Marone Head-quarters, Jackie has stopped by to tell Massimo about how Nick has decided to go after Brooke. Mass the ass man is quite thrilled that Nick might just get all of the happiness that he deserves. “I just wish that it could be so for Ridge,” he comments while looking at the Marone Family picture from his wedding. “It kills me that Nick and Ridge can’t stand to be in the same room with each other.” Then Massimo decides that he’s going to have a chat with Ridge and tell him once and for all to let this whole thing go. After Massimo leaves, Jacksters runs into Big Bad Deacon in the hallway. The two go back into Mass’ office to have another heated discussion. Deacon informs Jackie that he wants to clear his conscience and tell Brooke the spawn secret. Jacksters pleads with him not to and we have a re-hatch of the same conversations that these two have had for about the fourth time. Jackie tries to make Deacon see that if the test reveals that Nicky’ really is the father, then everyone’s lives will be turned upside down yet again for nothing. “I’m a very influential woman,” Jackie informs Deacon yet again. “What do you want?” “The same thing that I told Eric Forrester,” Deacon proclaims, “A chance to prove myself. You give me that and I’ll keep my mouth shut.”

By now, Massimo has arrived in Ridge’s office. He pleads with Ridge to let Brooke go once and for all and to just get over the whole bad thing and move on. “You’ll never get a chance at happiness if you don’t move on,” Massimo whines. Ridge flips out. “If that means watching Nick sail into the sunset with my wife, then forget it!” he barks. Massimo begs Ridge to reconsider, but Ridge ain’t budging, and is frankly a little bit more then slightly pissed that Massimo has brought this whole thin up yet again.

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