B&B Thursday Update 3/11/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/11/04

By Space Bug           
Pictures by Boo

Over at Forrester Creations, Eric and Stephanie are gathering for a meeting called by Sally and Amber. As the two wait for the duo to show up, they chat about Sammy’s sad situation. Stephanie thinks that it’s oh so sad that Sam’s parents made her keep that horrid secret bottled up inside for so long. “I don’t remember Priscilla being that cold,” Eric comments. Stephers wishes that they had known about what happened way back when so that they could have given Sammy all of the support that she had obviously needed, but Eric reminds her that they are here now and can help her as much as they can.

Down at one of the guest houses at Forrester Fort One, Samantha is woken up from a nightmare when her mother Priscilla comes a knocking on the door.

Priscilla just doesn’t understand why Sam had to spill her guts to the Forrester’s. “I couldn’t keep it bottled up inside any longer,” Sammy yells. Priscilla tries to make Sam feel better by reminding her about all that she’s done with her life; feats that couldn’t have been accomplished if she were caring for a child. “It’s all about appearances with you!” Sammy observes. Priscilla is sorry for how Sammy feels and attempts to apologize for what she did wrong when this whole baby blunder went down. “None of the “I’m sorry” s in the world can bring back my daughter,” Sam comments.

Priscilla announces to her daughter that she’s leaving for Hong Kong, and that she’s like to hear from her. “I want to make sure that you’re alright,” Priscilla tells Sammy as she leaves. After the door shuts, Samantha starts to tear up again.

Back at Forrester, Rick has just arrived and wonders along with Stephers and Eric as to what Amber and Sally have to announce. When the red head and wanna be brunette finally do make their entrance, they announce that they are quitting.

“Let’s face it Eric, you never wanted this company,” Sally reminds him. None of the Forrester’s want Amber and Sally to quit. “Where will you go? What will you live on?” Rick asks of Amber. “My pride,” she comments. “I haven’t had it in a while, and it’d be nice to find it again.” Stephanie pleads to Sally to stick around. She grabs at the locket that Sal’s wearing that she gave her and reminds her bosom buddy that she’s family. “You’re family too,” Eric reminds Amber. Well, as nice as all of those sentiments are, Sally and Amber have made up their minds; they are hitting the road.

The two of them dish out their hugs, and then shuffle out of the office, leaving Stephers, Eric, and Rick all a little shocked.

Along the docks of LA’s Marina, and in the Shady Marlin, Nick is just finishing up cleaning his boat while remembering his conversation with Rick. Just then, Jackie comes traipsing on in.

“Is this the Shady Marlin?” she jokes with her precious Nicky. Right away, Nicker-bocker sits his mother down to ask her to do him a favor. Apparently, Nick wants to spend a little alone time with Brooke, and he wants Jacksters to make sure that something in Brooke’s Bungalow will be around to take care of Hope. Right as Jacksters agrees to her mission, Brooke comes in to say hello. “Is everything Ok?” Brooke asks Jackie. “Everything will be fine as long as you do what my son asks,” Jackie grins as she waltzes out the door. “What was that about?” the Brookester wonders aloud. Nick proclaims that he wants them to spend the evening together and go for a little sail. “Only a three hour tour,” Nicker-bocker assures her. “Do you remember the last time people went on a three hour tour?” the Brookester jokes with him. Nick laughs it off, but now he’s a little serious.

“Give us a chance Brooke. I think that there’s something here to be had.” Then Nick announces that Rick thinks so too. “Your son thinks that I’m good for you, and so do I,” Nick says boldly. “It all depends on what you think.”

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