B&B Wednesday Update 3/10/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/10/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Today we begin at Forrester Fort One with Sammy still arguing with Priscilla about how traumatized she was about the “big family secret” as the Forrester’s stand around and watch. “Samantha, stop this. We’re about to have dinner with the Forrester’s!” Priscilla commands. “No, you’re having dinner with the Forrester’s mother; I’m going back to the guest house,” Sammy proclaims. However, after Priscilla sneers that it would be rude of her the decline the invitation since dinner was already prepared, Sammy decides to join in on the fun.

At the table, Priscilla talks about the Kelly family happenings after they left LA. Then, everyone starts gossiping about some couple who had a baby really young or something about how scandalous the situation was. “God forbid you do anything to bring shame on the family,” Samantha whimpers. Priscilla demands Sammy to drop “the subject”, but Sammy yells back that the Forrester’s have been more of a family to her then hers ever was, so they have a right to know about her dirty laundry. “Pucci was more than a dog to me; she was my baby. And losing her brought back all of the pain and guilt of when I lost another baby; my baby girl.” With that, the truth is out! Apparently, when Samantha was a teenager, she became pregnant and that is why her parents made the move to NY to protect their reputation. Sammy goes on to tell Stephers, Eric, and Imposter Bridget that her parents practically imprisoned her in their town house in Manhattan so that no one would know about her indiscretion. Then, they took Sam to a clinic in NJ to deliver her baby by C-section. As the story goes, the baby ended up being still born.

“I wanted that baby with all my heart!” Sammy screams, “And when you told me that I had lost her, a part of me died as well.” By this point, Priscilla is a little teary eyed now, stating that “We were afraid that we would lose you for you lost so much blood. And we did lose you in a way! You went into a deep depression; you wouldn’t eat, you wouldn’t sleep.” As the Forrester’s look at the quarreling mother and daughter in shock, Priscilla makes sure to inform them that her and her husband took Sammy to the best doctors in the city, but no one nor nothing could reach her, except for Pucci. “When Pucci came along, you started going back to school; you got a scholarship and became a very talented and brilliant designer. You wouldn’t have been able to do that while raising a child,” Priscilla mentions. “But I still loved her and wanted her!” Sammy states. “But at least some good came out of it,” Priscilla attempts to justify as she opens her arms up to embrace Sam. Sammy starts to wail again and pushes Priscilla away as she runs to Stephanie for comfort.

Over at the Marone Offices, Rick pops in to visit good old Nick. Rick informs Nicker-bocker that he supports his relationship with the Brookester 100%. “Well, I would never do anything to hurt your mother,” Nick states to the Jr. Forrester. “I believe you,” Rick assures him. Nick just wishes that he knew exactly how Brooke feels about him. “She has this thing with Forrester that she just can’t seem to break,” he comments. “You have to help her!”

Rick offers. “She needs someone to take care of her and to help her have fun again.” “Well, I am a fun guy,” Nick reminds young Rick.

Down at the fire station, Thomas stops in to have a word with Hector. As he waits around talking to the fire chief, we learn that Hector seems to be the epitome of the modern day hero. “He even adopted a kid who lost his family in the fire,” the chief informs Thomas. *So, now we know that Caitlin has an adopted brother named Jimmy. Finally, Hector comes traipsing back all dirty with soot. Thomas immediately tells him that he thinks that he’s making a big mistake not letting Caiters work at Forrester. “I have my reasons,” Hector replies. When the young Forrester stud asks about the studdly fireman knowing his pop, Hector avoids answering the question.

“You have a lot of guts coming down here, and I admire that,” he tells Thomas. As these two are yakking it up, Caitlin stops by her self, but stands outside the office door when she sees the two. “Let’s get something straight,” Hector advises, “You’re crazy about my daughter. Well, I’m crazy about her too, so I guess that we have something in common.” Thomas looks back almost a little relieved that he hasn’t gotten screamed at or thrown out yet.

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