B&B Tuesday Update 3/9/04

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/9/04

By Space Bug
Pictures by Boo

Well, we are right back where we left off yesterday, with Brooke and Ridge wanting to know what the devil Deacon has to say to them. Well, before Big Bad Deacon can open up his mouth, Jackie starts talking for him. “Deacon just unveiled his new collection at Forrester today,” Jackie says. “But you said that it would change all of us forever,” Brooke questions Deacon. “It will!” Jackie cries, “Because Deacon is now a free agent.” “And you want to work for me? Not in a million years!” Brooke balks. At that, Deacon hits the road with Jacsksters in close pursuit.

After Deacon and Jackie leave, Brooke and Ridge chat about how weird the whole thing was with Deacon. “How did he even know about the baby?” Brooke wonders. “He works at Forrester,” Ridge offers. Brooke seems miffed that their problems have become office gossip. After Brooke finishes a phone call, Ridge dishes about how he feels. “I can’t stay away Logan. As hard as it is to be with you, it’s worse without you.” “I feel the same way,” Brooke whines. “Then what are we doing?” Ridge wonders. He then suggests that he and Brooke get away for a while and just have time for themselves. The Brookester seems momentarily game, but then announces that the spawn will always be between them.

“I can’t cross that line,” Brooke whimpers. After the two share a firm embrace, they say good bye, and Ridge leaves. After he’s officially gone, the Brookester breaks down into tears.

Over at the kid friendly beach house of Deacon, Jackie has followed the Big Bad Mr. Sharpe home. She wants to thank him for not saying anything. “Yet,” Deacon corrects her. The two go back and forth a few rounds about the good and the bad that would happen if the spawn secret came out.

“You really don’t want Brooke and Ridge together, do you?” Deacon laughs. Jackie pleads to Deacon that she’s a very influential woman and that she would be a very valuable resource to him. “You will be handsomely rewarded if you keep this secret,” Jackie informs Deacon. Deacon seems intrigued, but unsure of what to make of the smooth talking manipulative Mrs. Marone.

Down in the park, young Thomas has summoned Caitlin to meet him to have a chat about what happened earlier at Forrester. Caiters just doesn’t know what to make of her dad’s behavior. “I’ve never seen him like this,” she comments. Thomas thinks that what ever beef he’s got, it’s personal. “But he says he doesn’t even know your family that well.

He only played soccer against your dad in high school,” Caitlin explains. Thomas thinks that it has to be more than that. “Stephanie recognized him,” he recalls. “He probably won’t let me come back to Forrester,” Caiters says sadly. “But we can still see each other and be friends, can’t we?” Thomas asks concerned. Caitlin says that she would like that. “Everything will work out,” Thomas assures her as he grabs her hand. Caitlin soon decides to head on back home, but before she leaves the park, she gives her young Forrester Stud a little kiss on the cheek. Thomas is on cloud nine!

Priscilla Kelly has arrived at Forrester One, and Stephanie is so glad to see her. “We’ve been rather upset about Sam,” she comments to her old friend. Priscilla comments that Sammy has always been a drama queen, but Eric and Stephers aren’t so quick to write Sammy’s reaction off as being over dramatic. “Pucci meant a lot to her,” Eric says compassionately. Stephanie pages Imposter Bridget down at Sammy’s guest house informing her to bring the sad sweetie on up. Once the duo gets to the main house, and Stephers announces Priscilla’s presence, Sammy doesn’t seem all too thrilled to see her mother. “Samantha, it’s been so long!” Priscilla squeals, “You’ve changed your hair! Don’t worry, it will grow.”

Not only is Sammy a little taken about by this comment, but Stephanie is as well. *Man Priscilla is a BITCH! The whole group takes a seat in the living room as Priscilla attempts to console her weepy daughter. “I know how much Pucci meant to you. But, he lived a full life, and he was happy.” “SHE,” Samantha corrects. “Well, SHE had to have been about 12 or 15 years old,” Priscilla goes on. “You know exactly how old she was mother; YOU gave her to me.” Stephanie tries to help out by saying that Pucci was more then just a puppy to Samantha, “She was like a baby.”

At that, Sammy sniffles rather loudly. Priscilla asks the Forrester’s for some alone time with her daughter.

After Steph, Eric, and Imposter Bridget head on out, Samantha and Priscilla have a chat. “You haven’t been going on like this in front of Stephanie, have you?” Priscilla snottily asks Sammy. “God forbid that the Kelly’s don’t come off as perfect as they pretend to be,” Samantha comments. “I know how much the dog meant to you,”

Priscilla comments, “I haven’t forgotten.” “But you probably wish that you had,” Samantha comments. Priscilla is now rather annoyed. “You have to let this go once and for all get over it,” she yells at Sammy. “I will never get over this and don’t you ever say that to me again!” Samantha yells back. In reaction to Sammy’s out burst, Eric, Stephanie, and Imposter Bridget come traipsing back into the room to see what all the fuss is about.

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